Suvretta House

A luxurious cove at the pinnacle of hospitality.

The Suvretta House is a true haven among hotels, one that is similar to a fairytale castle. With the lavish and heartfelt hospitality on offer, one is assured of an exceptional and luxurious style. From the elegantly designed rooms and halls to the luxurious ambience, this is the cream of the hotel crop.

The hotel is located in a natural park landscape, in the middle of the Suvretta-Corviglia winter sports and hiking area and just 2 km west of St. Moritz.

١. The History of The Suvretta House

Source: The Suvretta House

The Suvretta House began on April 22, 1911. Within the span of 18 months, it became a stately, grand hotel, overlooking Champfèr. The hotel’s grand opening was on December 16, 1912, with the snow arriving on that day to make the opening ceremony a folklore tale. With 250 rooms, 370 beds and 110 bathrooms – an incomparable luxury for the time – it was unlike anything the world had ever seen.

The word quickly spread regarding the sheer opulence of the new name in town. Guests arrived from all over the world to be pampered in every way. Throughout the decades, it has hosted celebrities from multiple avenues of work, including the likes of King Faruk of Egypt, Crown Prince Akihito, the Shah of Persia, Gregory Peck, Evita Perón, and many others.

٢. The Suvretta House’s Artistic Expression

Source: The Suvretta House

The Suvretta House is a cultural hub that promotes the discipline of art. While its overall atmosphere is an artsy masterclass in its own right, it is their commitment to the field that is well-established. Its various art exhibitions showcase some fine works, drawing in both art enthusiasts and casual art appreciators alike.

What sets the Suvretta House apart from other, more traditional art hotels is the diverse range of art it supports. From standard art fare to the study of photography, they present all kinds of art through their highlighted exhibitions. The most recent ones were the Gallery Elle ‘Winter Wonderland’ and the ‘Photographs’ by Jungjin Lee.

٣. Culinary Experiences

Source: The Suvretta House

The Suvretta House has the culinary delights to match the otherworldly ambience. Its array of restaurants cover every craving you could possibly have while staying. Whether it is local cuisine or international bites, one’s hardest decision is deciding which restaurant to try out first.

From 16 Points GaultMillau’s authentic French cuisine to Suvretta Stube’s Swiss delights, and from the English breakfasts at 14 Points GaultMillau to the plethora of drinks at Anton’s Bar, the Suvretta House is a gastronomic heaven in its own right.

٤. Best Time To Visit

Source: The Suvretta House

The Suvretta House is cosy and comfortable all year round. However, while the summers boast picturesque scenery and plenty of things to do in the vicinity, the sheer mind-blowing aesthetic of the hotel surrounded in snow makes winter the best time to visit it.

The hotel’s winter season kicks off in December and lasts until April. In the winter, this 5-star luxury resort presents itself as the first address for unforgettable winter moments, being the only one in St. Moritz offering direct access to the superb Corviglia ski area.

To know more about the hotel, visit here.

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