KHAMSA asks chefs their favourite dining hotspots.

KHAMSA‘s Chef’s List is a fresh addition to our culinary exploration, where we delve into the minds of regional chefs or food enthusiasts, seeking out their top dining destinations. They respond with their favorite one that ticks all the boxes in our query. As such, whether you are looking for an all-round dining place or something that caters to a very unique niche, you have come to the right place.

This Chef’s List is brought to you by Notorious Foodie (@notorious_foodie on Instagram). Notorious Foodie, a self-taught home cook hailing from London, stands as a pivotal figure in the culinary landscape online. With an impressive following of millions, he showcases a diverse array of content, ranging from lavish home-cooked delights crafted with premium ingredients to exquisite dining experiences at the trendiest eateries, around the world.

We had the pleasure of engaging Notorious Foodie in a conversation about his favorite dining spots in Dubai. Prepare to be tantalized by his selections below!

١. Your favourite restaurant? Moonrise for sure!

٢. Your favourite bar? Galaxy – it’s always a good vibe in there. I also love honeycomb Hi-Fi! 

٣. Your favourite place for dancing? Nyx for late night, Surf Club for daytime! 

٤. Your favourite restaurant growing up? Antar Cafeteria Jumeirah or Reem Al Bawadi – big up JC!

٥. Your favourite bakery/sweet shop? My Pekoe Al Serkal. Beautiful pastry work in there.

٦. Your favourite burger joint? Good question – I love a classic Salt Slider, but for something more substantial, I either go for a pickl or 11 woodfire’s wagyu cheeseburger.

٧. Your favourite spot for a first date? Depends! Flamingo Room at Al Naseem is solid.

. The restaurant you’d take your parents out to dinner at? Gaia! Can’t go wrong when Chef Izu is behind the menu. My parents love pizza too, so it’s gotta be Zaza or Blu’s.

١٠. The birthday bash paradise for your yearly celebrations? This one’s difficult – I love 11 Woodfire, but for something more vibey, you can’t go wrong with Zuma or LPM! When in doubt, fall back on the classics 

١١. Your favourite Iftar spot? Ninive & 11 Woodfire