Tiffany’s highly-anticipated café will open its doors in October.

Tiffany & Co. officially unveiled the first Blue Box Café in the Middle East at its Dubai Mall Flagship Store, in association with RIKAS Hospitality Group. The company made sure to base it on the Blue Box Café located within The Landmark, which is their popular Fifth Avenue store.

Tiffany Blue Box Cafe
Source: Tiffany & Co.

The new Blue Box Café is a modern space that offers customers a unique dining experience. Its 38-seat dining area is paved with a unique concrete tile floor and adorned with radiant multicolour accents. It boasts a centrepiece that resembles a chandelier, which comes with Tiffany Blue® boxes suspended above vinyl-clad seating. The décor is finished by marble-clad accent walls that add to the overall aesthetic appeal.

The Blue Box Café is not just an architectural marvel. The cuisine on offer takes on a French-inspired approach to New York classics. Created in partnership with RIKAS Hospitality Group and inspired by Tiffany & Co.’s New York heritage, there are three signature culinary experiences available for elevated daytime dining – the famously chic Breakfast at Tiffany’s, an enchanting afternoon Tea at Tiffany’s, and luxuriously casual all-day dining with a delicate French touch.

RIKAS Hospitality Group’s latest culinary project will join a collection of UAE’s most iconic award-winning restaurants and cafés. These include La Cantine du Faubourg, Ninive, Mimi Kakushi, ‘Twiggy’ by La Cantine, Lana Lusa, Madeleine et Marcel, Gohan, Kyma, Tagomago, and La Cantine du Faubourg Mykonos. RIKAS’ focus on creativity and boundary-pushing sees them continue to nurture culinary innovation. This makes sure their guests are always immersed in an authentic and luxurious hospitality experience.

The Blue Box Café opens in October 2023, within the Tiffany & Co. Dubai flagship store. It will be located on the First Floor, Grand Atrium, at The Dubai Mall. Reservations will be filling fast, so make sure to confirm yours through Visit to know more about this iconic franchise.

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