ALAYA interweaves culture, history, and high design.

ALAYA is nestled in the heart of DIFC, born from the ideas of award-winning chef, Izu Ani, and pioneering Dubai-based restaurateur, Evgeny Kuzin, the restaurant is a captivating exploration of tastes and traditions, merging the iconic cuisine of the Middle East with distinct Mediterranean influences.

Source: ALAYA

At ALAYA, culinary artistry celebrates the vibrant history and diverse influences that have shaped the Middle East over the years. Their menu is designed to whisk diners away on a gastronomic journey through a sharing concept, inherent to the Middle East and the Mediterranean region.

With dishes like hot and cold mezze to exquisite salads, every item is designed to transport guests to different lands and immerse them in the place’s tales and culture.

“ALAYA is our tribute to the Middle East, born from a desire to bring an entirely new culinary experience to the DIFC scene. Our inspiration comes from a combination of our extensive travels across the Eastern Mediterranean and our deep affection for the region, resulting in an eclectic concept driven by creativity, generosity and honesty.”

– Chef Izu Ani

Some of the highlights on the restaurant’s menu include the Muhammara adorned with walnuts and sweet peppers, the Cheese Borek infused with truffle, the Green Harissa Prawns, the Shish Kofte, or the Spiced Carrot Salad served with crispy bulgur and spiced yoghurt. Meat delicacies include the likes of the classic Roast Chicken, the Wagyu Striploin accompanied by caramelized onions and a fiery mustard sauce, and the Milk-Fed Lamb served with a delicate dollop of labneh.

ALAYA insist on offering the complete dining experience. As such, they pay special attention to the ambience, adopting an approach that interweaves culture, history, and high design. The interior aims at infusing the beauty and worldliness of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions into a multifaceted, dynamic venue, one that includes an al fresco terrace, boutique lounge and immersive dining room. Richard Saunders and Sagrada designed the original details, such as handcrafted ceramic tiles and traditional tapestry.

Source: ALAYA

Those in Dubai looking for some unprecedented nightlife fun can go to LY-LA, ALAYA’s refined speakeasy style bar and lounge. LY-LA features intricate details, radiating lights, gilded fixtures and deep red jewel-toned Arabian tent inspired ceilings, which makes it look ethereal. The interiors are perfectly complemented with a sophisticated cocktail menu featuring oriental twists on classic drinks. Resident DJ Dim Tayllor provides beats that have the audience grooving all night long, playing afro, melodic house, and organic music.

ALAYA is located at Gate Village, Building 4, DIFC, Dubai. It is open throughout the week, open for lunch from 12:00 pm to 3:45 pm and for dinner from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm. LY-LA, meanwhile, is open for 11:00 pm to 3:00 am.