Baby Palm Cakes

Travel into the realm of custom cake designs!

Desserts are among the most joyful aspects of food. They bring to the culinary experience a sense of delight and celebration, often engaging the person in a sensory feast that transcends the palate. Cakes are among the finest examples of these delicious treats, as vividly highlighted by Baby Palm Cakes.

Baby Palm Cakes produces original cake designs that look otherworldly in terms of aesthetic appeal. With nearly 47,000 followers on Instagram, they conjure up magical avant-garde cake shapes that redefine the boundaries of sweetness and echo the verses of edible poetry. Within the numerous variants, a symphony of textures unfolds, with edible blossoms and geometric wonders adorning each tier, inviting the beholder into a sweet-scented dreamscape.

KHAMSA sits with Talla from Baby Palm Cakes ‘At the Table’ and quizzes her on her craft.

١. What inspired you to enter the realm of baking beautiful cakes?

I have always been obsessed with vintage/kitsch cakes like the ones you’d see in old films and vintage Wilton cake decorating books, or just in city life where you’d see cake window displays of bakeries that have been around for decades. I am obsessed with cute things, and I just really wanted to add my own personal touch to the already existing beautiful vintage/kitsch cake aesthetic.

٢. Please tell us the origins of Baby Palm Cakes, and how it became the delightful dessert destination it is today.

I would say Baby Palm is kind of everything I love combined into one. As I mentioned above, I’ve always loved (the) vintage/kitsch cake aesthetic, but I would say Baby Palm Cakes is a bit more than that. I wanted a way to creatively express myself in a way that is very me. Before I started making cakes, I had all the design ideas in my head, (but) I just didn’t know how to execute them! So, it wasn’t until 2020 lockdown where I had the time to experiment with baking and designing, and it all blossomed from there! 

٣. Cakes are becoming a staple of aesthetic pictures on social media and the like with their vibrant and colourful looks. Baby Palm Cakes has a very particular vibe, a unique aesthetic that makes the cakes look so dreamy. Is this trend something you are aware of and actively pursue to promote the business?

I’m not really into following cake trends that much. My designs are a reflection of all the things I love from fashion, to my favourite cities, to my favourite films, to my favourite animated characters (Hello Kitty). Most of my designs are completely freestyled (but somehow always ending up having my signature elements like bows, pearls and hearts), so the design process comes really naturally to me. 

٤. We never forget the best meals we have had, no matter how old we get. What was your favourite childhood memory involving desserts?

My school had the best cake and custard ever, and I still crave it to this day! Oh, and Greggs (a bakery chain in the UK) used to have these Halloween-theme pumpkin biscuits and my sister and I were obsessed with them; we still talk about them to this day!

٥. What is a piece of advice you would offer for an aspiring chef?

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! It sounds cliché, but it’s absolutely true. If you keep working hard at something, you will thrive!

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