“A little luxury, a lot of fun.”

Introducing BDP Beach for the first time, Bar du Port expands its Mediterranean essence to two international locations this summer: Byblos Village, Lebanon, and Sahel, Egypt.

With its French elegance and cosmopolitan twist, Bar Du Port emerged out of Beirut’s vibrant port in 2016. The brand’s evolution continued in Lebanon as it relocated to a stunning waterfront home at Aishti Seaside, embodying a distinctive maritime identity. As it entered the global stage in January 2022, the journey took it to a prestigious location in Dubai Harbour, becoming a sought-after destination for waterfront luxury and fine dining.

Since it opened in Beirut and Dubai over a decade ago, Bar Du Port has earned a reputation for offering memorable guest experiences. Now you can experience that same level of service in two new locations. Featuring earthy hues and organic elements, “BDP Beach” embraces the bohemian allure of the Ligurian Riviera and the playful glamour of the Côte d’Azur.

Addmind’s managing partner Wassim Zouein discusses global expansion and highlights, “Bar Du Port has always had a plan to expand globally. We spent two years developing from our base in Lebanon to open more locations from Dubai to Egypt. We were particularly excited to have a pop-up in Sahel, offering exposure in a new country before establishing a permanent location in Cairo.” And, with a new venue coming to Cairo shortly, the journey continues to expand this summer for Bar Du Port.

For more information about Bar Du Port’s Dubai, visit barduportdubai.com.