Chef's List

KHAMSA asks chefs their favourite dining hotspots.

KHAMSA‘s Chef’s List is a new feature wherein we ask chefs in the region a variety of questions revolving around restaurants and other dining destinations. They respond with their favourite one that ticks all the boxes in our query. As such, whether you are looking for an all-round dining place or something that caters to a very unique niche, you have come to the right place.

This inaugural Chef’s List is brought to you by Chef Hattem Mattar (@hattemmattar on Instagram). Hattem is one of the most popular chefs in Dubai, with his vast knowledge of culinary delights and hospitality being extremely sought-after. He is an expert in serving up juicy, tender briskets and smoked meats to people, having honed his craft from the days he was cooking for his family and friends as a hobby.

KHAMSA asked Chef Hattem for his Chef’s List, and he responded in kind.

١. Your favourite restaurant? Gaia

٢. Your favourite bar? BB social 

٣. Your favourite place for dancing? Frsh by Dany Neville

٤. Your favourite restaurant growing up? Special Ostadi

٥. Your favourite bakery/sweet shop? Melange

٦. Your favourite burger joint? High Joint

٧. Your favourite spot for a first date? Fiya 

٨. Your favourite spot to work and get a coffee? To the Moon and Back

٩. The restaurant you’d take your parents out to dinner at? Goldfish

١٠. The birthday bash paradise for your yearly celebrations? Home