Salmon Guru Dubai, located at The Opus by OMNIYAT, recently celebrated its one-year anniversary with a playful brunch. In one sentence: this is where you should be if you are wondering what to do on a lazy weekend. Though it might seem small, the venue can accommodate a large crowd. Overall, it’s an intimate, quirky, fun environment. Despite summer’s intense approach, the outdoors isn’t bad since they always keep cool. In other words, the outside could be a good option if you’re looking for a less loud environment to listen to music.

Whether it’s food or drinks, the menu is fun and delicious. Our favourites are the fried plantains with sour cream and avocado and the pulled beef bao buns. It was so good; we had the bao buns twice. Undoubtedly, the star of the show is the kind and friendly service provided by the staff.

Credit: Salmon Guru

Diego Cabrera, the legendary bar industry figurehead behind Salmon Guru, envisioned reinterpreting the original Madrid outpost’s fun and casual European experience in Dubai. Consequently, he designed this venue, bringing all his creativity and experience to bear on his first project outside Spain.

Besides exotic cocktails, lounge lizards can also expect a variety of balanced batches and sophisticated concoctions made right in front of their eyes. Although the venue is intimate, it combines three distinct vibes. There is an Asian Night Market, a 1960s Tropical Speakeasy, and a comic book-themed area.

And in case you’re wondering, no, salmon isn’t on the menu at this Madrid-based bar. But there’s plenty of other goodness, so make sure you’ve booked your spot for the upcoming weekend.

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