Our favourite items for the perfect summer gathering.

Gathering over a meal during the summer is a delightful way to enjoy the warmth of the weather and your loved ones. A lot goes into planning the perfect table setting for such an occasion, and KHAMSA is here to share some of our tips for creating a beautiful, harmonious centrepiece for your summer gatherings.

١. Crisp Linen Tablecloth | Malaika Linens

The summer table is a painting, and the tablecloth cover is a canvas. Going for a colourful tablecloth and neutral ceramics is a great way to have some balance on the table.

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٢. Hand-Crafted Ceramics | Abask

This Japanese ceramic series from Abask follows the Wabi Sabi philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection; each guest will have a subtle variation in the shape of their plate.

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٣. Sicilian Vases | Serax

A floral array combines pulls together the tablescape by adding beauty, texture, and colour. And don’t forget some flowers!

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٤. Unique Glassware | Ichendorf Milano

Atypical and uniquely designed glassware brings fun and character to the dinner table.

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٥. Colourful Napkin Rings | Maison Flâneur

These Spanish artisanal napkin rings are perfect for adding subtle colour and geometrical notes throughout the table.

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٦. Water Carafes | O de Rose

These exquisite glass pieces add a sprinkle of colour to your table.

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٧. Plates | Waww La Table

The plates, exhibiting the highest tier of artisanal know-how, are perfect for adding some zest to your table.

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٨. Mushy Glasses | Mushy Things

This Blue I Am glass is a multipurpose piece. It can be used to sip wine, or simply to lend your table an air of elegance.

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٩. Flower Candles | Vero Dubai

A masterclass in flower candles, these help set up those lovely occasions in fine style.

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١٠. Plates | Malaika

This plate can be used to present food, or just sit in aesthetic fashion on the coffee table.

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