Nostalgic Travel Trends

Travel back in time in these time capsule trains!

Like every cornerstone of human existence, travel has evolved with time. Over the years, it has become more than just a way of moving from Point A to Point B. Indeed, travel in 2024 is a concept that prioritizes the experience as much as it does the function.

As such, the lost art of nostalgic travel is something people are revisiting at this moment in time, exploring the wealth of the good old days and how people moved about. Of these, train journeys captivate adventurers and travel enthusiasts the most with their glamorous, old-world appeal and leisurely pace. From the iconic Orient Express to the Jacobite rail, these famous trains promise unforgettable experiences, combining adventure and nostalgia. Combine this with the magic of glamorous dressing, simplistic charms, and carriage camaraderie, and you have an evergreen means of travel that is simply enriching.

Here are KHAMSA‘s picks for vintage train journeys around the globe that ooze the charms of nostalgic travel.

١. Orient Express, Europe

You may have heard of the novel/movie Murder on the Orient Express, but what you may not know is why the story is such a hit. The Orient Express was once the most luxurious train in the world, exclusively for society’s upper echelon. What you also may not know is that the Orient Express is still running, and its vintage trains and five-star service are just as glamorous as they were back in the heyday of train travel. The primary line was the Orient Express line, which ran glam vintage train cars between Paris and Istanbul, and the iconic stretch from Paris to Venice. It began running in 1883, offering an 80-hour trip between the two cities.

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٢. The Ghan, Australia

If you desire to explore Australia with the sophistication of a bygone era while sipping champagne, consider booking a journey on the Ghan. This train traverses the continent from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south, taking four days for the full trip.

Since its inception in 1929, the Ghan has followed the path once taken by explorers with camels in the late 1800s. To indulge in the opulence of the golden age, opt for the platinum service class, described on the website as featuring “stylishly appointed, spacious suites complemented by discreet, personalized service and world-class food and wine.”

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٣. The Golden Chariot, India

Often hailed as one of the world’s most luxurious trains, The Golden Chariot offers an unparalleled experience of the golden age of train travel. This vintage-inspired gem, operating in Asia, provides diverse routes, ranging from week-long journeys to the coast to shorter weekend getaways.

Drawing inspiration from Maharajas’ palaces, the train’s decor exudes opulence and boasts amenities such as an on-board gym, spa, two restaurants, bar cars, and even a sauna. While formal attire is encouraged for dinner to evoke the vintage train ambiance, it’s not mandatory.

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٤. The Jacobite Steam Train

The Jacobite Steam Train, travelling from Fort William to Mallaig, offers a mesmerizing journey through the Scottish Highlands, combining breathtaking scenery with historical and cultural significance. Beyond its tourist allure, this iconic train has deep ties to Scotland’s past, playing a role in the Jacobite Rebellion and showcasing the engineering marvels of the late 19th-century West Highland Line.

Introduced in 1984 to boost tourism, the Jacobite Steam Train has become a cherished attraction, symbolizing Scotland’s history and natural beauty. Its appearances in films, including the Harry Potter series, have further heightened its cultural impact, making it a recognized symbol of Scotland’s landscape and heritage.

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