Cool Objects

Rethinking Home and the Cool Objects We Live With

Your furniture and decor tell a story about your space. They reflect your style, create a certain vibe, and can even influence your mood. This year, the world of design has some exciting trends beyond just aesthetics. We’re talking about cool objects that can completely reshape the feeling of your space in 2024.

Discover a world of design inspiration with KHAMSA. From thought-provoking design events to the revival of rugs with a playful twist and furniture infused with a touch of soul, discover how these trends can transform your home into a haven that reflects your unique personality.

١. Art De Vivre’s Rugs

Rugs, with their rich history and transformative power, are experiencing a resurgence in 2024. ART de VIVRE, specialists in handmade rugs, boast several trends shaping the rug fashion landscape this season. From the vintage rugs with a modern twist that adds a touch of luxury and elegance to your contemporary living space, to the wall tapestry rugs that create a cosy atmosphere that’s both stylish as it is functional.

If you are an advocate for sustainability, you can pick up rugs made of jute and wool. Geometric pattern rugs and textile rugs are compelling alternatives, transforming your living space.

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٢. Cassina’s Cultural Landscapes

Cassina embarks on a journey through Mediterranean atmospheres with its new Outdoor Collection for 2024. Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living, the collection epitomizes ‘The Cassina Perspective’ — a harmonious blend of innovative products and design classics.

Designed by renowned architects and designers such as Antonio Citterio and Patricia Urquiola, the collection reflects diverse styles to suit every taste. With a focus on comfort, functionality, and durability, Cassina’s outdoor designs invite human interaction with nature in comfortable and versatile settings. Inspired by the Mediterranean palette, the collection features vibrant colours and textured fabrics that evoke the azure sea and tranquil Tuscan afternoons. From dining sets to loungers, each piece is meticulously crafted to enhance outdoor living experiences.

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٣. Mushy Things

From Dubai emerges Mushy, an e-commerce platform with a heart. Launched in 2023 by Dina Adlouni and Tarlan Vaziri Farahani, Mushy offers a curated collection of home decor and furniture designed to evoke happiness and joy.

With a unique aesthetic and a mission to support emerging designers, Mushy aims to provide products that are not just beautiful, but imbued with sentimental significance. From quirky accessories to statement furniture pieces, every item on Mushy reflects love, joy, and creativity.

In a world dominated by technology, Mushy offers a sanctuary for reflection and tranquillity, encouraging customers to cherish special items with personal and collective meaning.

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٤. St. Lauren Rive Droite Store’s Sound Symphony

Parisian fashion house Saint Laurent unveils “FREQUENCIES,” a boxset of 12 vinyls featuring music from its fashion shows. Exclusively available at Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores and online, “FREQUENCIES” offers a sensory journey curated by electronic music producer SebastiAn and designed by artistic director Anthony Vaccarello.

Accompanying the vinyls is a limited edition Bang and Olufsen speaker, the Beosound Edge, designed by Anthony Vaccarello. This fusion of fashion and music celebrates the sensory experience and artistic expression.

As we navigate the world of design in 2024, these cool objects offer not just functionality, but also inspiration, creativity, and joy. From symposiums exploring the nexus of design and environment to whimsical e-commerce platforms and sensory vinyl experiences, the world of design continues to captivate and inspire.

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٥. Nada Debs’ Backgammon at That Concept Store

This Striped Mother of Pearl Backgammon set from Nada Debs will be a treasured family heirloom for many years to come. Handcrafted from premium American Walnut with Mother-of-pearl ornamentation, the set boasts an opulent, elevated appeal. Whether you enjoy the classic game or not, it is a perfect gift to grace any home.

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٦. FARFETCH Homeware

For those hosting gatherings with loved ones or simply seeking moments of relaxation, explore the curated selection of homeware to elevate your hosting with FARFETCH HOMEWARE. Set the table with exquisite decorative dishes, envelop guests in comfort with luxurious cashmere blankets, and infuse your space with your favorite scents candles, and diffuser assortment. Enjoy the essence with less effort and more style.

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٧. Dior Maison Curates a Dreamy Tablescape

On March 13th, Dubai’s heart fluttered with a delightful Suhoor hosted by Dior at The Lana – Dorchester Collection. Exquisite floral arrangements cascaded across the tables, a vibrant counterpoint to the irresistible Dior Maison creations in springtime hues. Guests were greeted by a symphony of porcelain plates from the Lily of the Valley line, each adorned with the founding couturier’s symbolic flower. This theme echoed throughout the venue, with cushions and furniture blossoming with the same delicate blooms. A subtle nod to the upcoming Eid al-Fitr festivities, the Suhoor was a celebration of Dior’s cherished art of living.

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Leen is a writer, designer and creative director, holding a fashion design degree from ESMOD. She is currently pursuing an MBA in fashion management, specializing in luxury, in Paris. Living in various Western and Eastern locales, Leen writes on fashion, culture, and lifestyle at KHAMSA as she interns in the editorial department.