Paris Fashion Week

Take the trip to Paris ahead of the fashion festival.

Paris, the epitome of style and sophistication, serves as the quintessential backdrop for the renowned Paris Men’s Fashion Week. Against the backdrop of iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, this esteemed event brings together the world’s most influential designers and fashion houses to showcase their latest creations. The city’s timeless charm seamlessly intertwines cutting-edge fashion trends, establishing itself as a hub of glitz and glamour.

This week, KHAMSA ventures into the wondrous French city through a travel handbook by Abdulla Al Abdulla (@abdulla on Instagram). Abdulla is an influencer and entrepreneur, who initially started his brand with fragrances. Inspired by his Arabian Heritage, he created complex, irresistible and genderless scents to cater to the luxury fragrance market. With his knowledge, expertise in skincare and with the help of a team of experts, he brought exquisite and results driven skincare to the market through Abdulla Skincare.

Image courtesy Abdulla/Bold Consultancy

Paris will bear witness to the extravaganza, as designers push the boundaries of menswear, marrying traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde concepts. Paris Men’s Fashion Week not only celebrates sartorial excellence, but also reflects the dynamic fusion of heritage and innovation, making it a premier global platform that defines the pulse of contemporary men’s fashion. As Abdulla will tell you, this makes the City of Love a must-visit at this moment in time.

Top must visit food spots?


An elegant restaurant within the Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

Dinand par Ferdi

For some tasty burgers, mac ‘n’ cheese and churros in a playful setting.


For some incredible breakfast.


For some exquisite Japanese cuisine.

Orient Extreme Montaigne

The spot for those who love fire cooking and raw food.


Best steak in the city.


A lesson in elegance and mythical aesthetic.

“My favourite club sandwich in Paris is in Lutetia Hotel!”

– Abdulla Al Abdulla

Best places for sundowners?

Le Perchoir

Rooftop of Hotel National Des Arts Et Metiers


Best places for shopping?

Montmartre and Sacré-cœur
Source: Westend61

“Sounds cliché, but if you’ve never been you have to go see the Eiffel Tower (but from far away, lol) and the Louvre. Also, the cute boutiques in Tuileries Palais Royal.”

– Abdulla Al Abdulla
Image courtesy Abdulla/Bold Consultancy

Best boutique hotels to stay in?

Saint James Paris

The only château-hotel in Paris

Le Bristol

A quintessential Parisian experience.

Maison Delano

A luxury hotel based on an 18th-century mansion.

Le Grand Mazarin

One of the most hip places in Paris.

Le Fantaisie

A blooming and joyful residence orchestrated among the streets of Faubourg Montmartre

Underrated places?

Marche aux puces de saint ouen

What should you avoid?

Image courtesy Abdulla/Bold Consultancy

The Eiffel Tower. Also avoid pickpockets.

Must-pack items?

Image courtesy Abdulla/Bold Consultancy

A pair of chic and comfortable sneakers – so you can explore a lot of the city by foot – and also a chic coat that matches everything. Oh, and a pair of YSL boots, because those go everywhere with me!

Pack skincare for sure, and a great SPF if you’re going in the summer.

Any tips and tricks to tackle the city?

Sometimes getting to places by foot is better, as traffic can be a nightmare! You can also discover cute hidden gems along the way.

Be tough as the Parisian attitude can sometimes be tough