Here is how you can contribute during the Holy Month

Ramadan Kareem to all KHAMSA readers! We hope you are having a great holy month, filled with celebration and gratitude. This is also the month associated with giving, doing our bit for the society and for the less fortunate.

KHAMSA lists out five way you can give back to the world during this auspicious month of Ramadan.

١. Dubai Cares ‘Gaza In Our Hearts’

The charity initiative Dubai Cares has launched “Gaza In Our Hearts”, a Ramadan fundraising campaign that urges the population in the UAE to raise vital funds that will be used as emergency relief for the people of Gaza. There is an increasing need of supplies in the region, and support for its people is the need of the hour.

Building upon the acclaimed ‘Tarahum for Gaza’ initiative, one can help raise funds for emergency support through this campaign. All donations will be directed towards the delivery of hot meals, food baskets, as well as waterproof and fire-resistant tents.

For more information, visit here.

٢. UAE Food Bank Meals initiative

Source: Dubai Municipality

The UAE Food Bank is targeting a distribution of around 166,166 meals daily this Ramadan. This initiative aims to provide food to over half a million families and more than three million workers. It also aims to minimize surplus food and prevent food wastage.

It’s not just the UAE public who are taking part. More than 350 strategic partners, including food facilities, hotels, and restaurants, will be involved in the initiative. Sign up to do your bit this holy month and help someone out there.

For more information, visit here.

٣. Chin Chin Meal Vouchers

Chin Chin‘s ‘One for You, One from You’ initiative is a fine way of doing your bit this Ramadan. The premise is simple – you get a meal voucher that you can donate to someone you want to treat when you order something at Chin Chin. Available till April 15, the meal will include a rice or noodle dish, one main dish, dates, and laban.

Make someone’s Ramadan while enjoying the restaurant’s food yourself. For more information, visit here

٤. Sudan Benefit Fund

The Sudan Benefit Fund aims to reach families who live in Sudan and require food relief and medical aid. They have raised nearly $10,000 through donations, but there is still much to be done. This Ramadan, donations will go a long way in aiding their cause and providing relief to people in Sudan and Egypt.

Supporting multiple community-led initiatives, the Sudan Benefit Fund will transfer 100% of the funds generated with no admin costs. For more information, visit here.

٥. Your Own Food/Clothes Drive

The spirit of Ramadan is about giving and making a difference. Change starts at home, which means you can start at the grassroots and begin your own initiative this Holy Month. From donating your old clothes to preparing meals for the needy, there are plenty of ways to do your bit. Indeed, in Islamic culture, charity is a paramount pillar and one that is said to have a purifying effect on one’s wealth and financial resources.

There are few things more rewarding than giving to those in need and supporting charitable causes. This Ramadan, let’s all do what we can to help those who require our assistance.

Pranav is a writer and editor who always strives to weave stories and narratives with his words. He has written for multiple publications across a wide variety of beats. A keen opinion enthusiast, Pranav pursues the art of writing balanced pieces that explore every available POV before making his conclusion. In his free time, Pranav rages at his favourite sports teams and practices impressions.