The apparel giant partners with Sean Brown for production towards charity

Kotn introduced the Cairo Residency, a venture aimed at uniting two distinct worlds, North America and Egypt/Middle East, integral to Kotn’s identity. Periodically, Kotn will welcome artists, creatives, chefs, musicians, and creators to immerse themselves in the vibrant life of Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, and the surrounding areas.

Source: Kotn

The Cairo Residency’s first volume will feature Sean Brown, a close friend of the brand for many years. Sean is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist who owns ‘Curves by Sean Brown’, a contemporary line of homeware and everyday objects. His signature collection utilizes images of obsolete technology that are kept alive through the everlasting life of art.

During the residency, Kotn and Sean will collaboratively create a product inspired by their experiences in Cairo and Egypt. All proceeds from this initiative will contribute to the Kotn ABC Project, dedicated to building schools and supporting education for the children in Kotn’s farming communities in Egypt.

“One of my favourite things in the world is seeing my home, through the eyes of my friends. Since starting Kotn, I’ve had the joy of hosting many people I love and admire. With every visit, I get to see my home through a new perspective and fall more in love. That’s why we are introducing the Cairo Residency. An opportunity for our friends from creative crafts, to spend time with us in Egypt, and add their chapter.”

– Rami Helali, co-founder and CEO of Kotn
Source: Kotn

To mark the celebration of the inaugural Cairo residency, a dinner co-hosted by Sean and Kotn was in order. It brought together talented creatives who shape culture in both worlds on February 1, and was a memorable experience that allowed for the exploration of the great land that is Egypt.

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