Valentine's Day

A Valentine’s Day, where self-love reigns and friendships shine

As we approach the famous day of red hearts and heart-shaped chocolates, let’s veer away from the clichéd romcom script, and delve into a guide for those avoiding overflowing verses and overpriced roses. This Valentine’s Day, let’s toast to the single squad and the champions of the ever-ambiguous “situationship” with no pressure or expectations — just pure, unmitigated pleasure for those flying solo or navigating the undefined waters.

Valentine's Day
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Crafting Your Own Love Story Beyond Conventions

In the words of Queen Miley, “I can buy myself flowers, write my name in the sand, talk to myself for hours, say things you don’t understand.”

Take a cue from her and embrace the empowerment of self-love this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s flowers, diamonds, or simply enjoying your own company, make this day a celebration of you. Forget the corny love poems and overpriced roses (unless you’re buying them for yourself, obviously). This year, channel your inner rockstar and celebrate the fiercest love of all: self-love, à la Marilyn’s “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Forget the pressure, ditch the expectations, and channel your inner diamond-dripping diva.

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For the Fiercely Single

Indulge in unapologetic self-love. Pamper yourself with a spa day, grab some takeout from your favourite spot, or binge-watch that show everyone’s been raving about. Remember, your happiness is the most important love story.

Transport yourself to that iconic scene in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Rather than pursuing a romantic partner, confidently strut down your favourite avenue, belting out your desires with the mantra, “Talk to me, Harry Winston!” Remember, diamonds may not hold all the answers, but a touch of sparkle never harmed anyone, especially when it’s a gift from yourself. Imagine treating yourself to that longed-for necklace or crafting your own DIY bedazzled version of Monroe’s famous pink dress – revel in and showcase your fabulousness!

But we’re not just about the bling. Gather your Blair-tastic besties and throw a “Galentines” party. Think red wine, sparkly decorations, and a dress code worthy of the most envy-inducing Met Gala look, zero pressure. Gossip, giggle, karaoke, board games or if you want to go deep, get the “How are you really doing?” card game, or a movie marathon – the choice is yours. Celebrate the amazing women who lift you up, celebrate the love you have for each other.

Use this day to shower yourself with love! Embrace the joy of baking scrumptious treats or luxuriate in a relaxing bubble bath – because, let’s face it, you deserve it. Take a solo trip, spend it with your beloved family, friends or simply relax and recharge. You’re not beholden to anyone’s expectations, so do what makes your heart sing (or dance, or nap).

Need a good laugh? Attend a comedy show or explore the wonders of a museum. Brighten up your space with fresh flowers. Consider a digital detox to rejuvenate your mind or dance freely around your living room – after all, self-love knows no boundaries.

So, here’s a list of things to do, and just in case it wasn’t crystal clear: consider NOT hitting up your ex – because, you know, that’s always a stellar idea (eye roll).

  • Galentines with the girls
  • Bake delicious treats
  • Enjoy a relaxing bubble bath
  • Spoil yourself with a special treat
  • Immerse in a rejuvenating spa day
  • Write heartfelt love letters
  • Unleash your creativity with crafting
  • Have a movie marathon for ultimate relaxation
  • Pamper yourself with self-care rituals
  • Attend a comedy show for some laughter therapy
  • Explore a museum and indulge your curiosity
  • Brighten your space with fresh flowers
  • Treat yourself to new jewellery
  • Consider a digital detox for mental refreshment
  • Dance freely around your living room
  • Connect with nature and get outside
  • Learn something new and expand your skills
  • Dive into a captivating book
  • Order your favourite takeaway for a delightful meal at home.

For the “Situationship” Soldiers

If you’re craving clarity, initiate a conversation about what this day means to both of you. Be honest about your expectations and avoid mind-reading (it never works!). Open communication sets the foundation for a healthy, whatever-it-is you have.

Low-key is the new haute couture. Skip the grand gestures and opt for something chill and casual. A coffee date, a walk in the park, or a fun activity you both enjoy are perfect ways to connect without the pressure of a full-blown romantic evening.

Now, if a certain Mr. Right happens to waltz in, here’s the tea: communication is key. Ditch the damsel-in-distress act and speak your mind. Don’t settle for less than a love that respects your independence and inner spark. Remember, diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but a healthy, fulfilling relationship? That’s the real treasure.

Cheers to You this Valentine’s Day

So, this Valentine’s Day, raise a glass (preferably filled with bubbly, of course) to self-love, fierce friendships, and knowing your worth. Now go forth, conquer, and spread your sparkle.

And if things don’t go as planned? Don’t fret! Grab your girls, put on your favourite romcom (Mean Girls, obviously), and remember, diamonds may be forever, but a good romcom marathon is timeless.

Regardless of your relationship status, remember that Valentine’s Day is just another day. Don’t let societal pressure dictate your happiness. Celebrate love in all its forms – love for yourself, your friends, your family, and even your adorable pet goldfish.

Happy Valentine’s Day, singles and situationship survivors! You’re the real MVPs.

Leen is a writer, designer and creative director, holding a fashion design degree from ESMOD. She is currently pursuing an MBA in fashion management, specializing in luxury, in Paris. Living in various Western and Eastern locales, Leen writes on fashion, culture, and lifestyle at KHAMSA as she interns in the editorial department.