A Ramadan Iftar for Arab/Muslim creatives.

Milan’s Arab/Muslim creative mosaic gathered at ‘Marhaba’ for a memorable Ramadan Iftar. ‘Marhaba’, meaning ‘welcome’ in Arabic, lived up to the name, welcoming and celebrating communal heritage, creativity, and unity. It was held on March 24, 2024 at, a sanctuary for cultural labour and shared joy within Milan’s creative scene.

Source: Milan Pyramid

Marhaba paid homage to the deep-rooted connections that brings us all together. It served as both a catalyst for collaborative artistry, and a touchstone to enrich Milan’s cultural quilt. Indeed, it wasn’t just any Iftar party, but a heartfelt symposium for dialogue, storytelling, and a collective affirmation of our values, one that was in sync with those of the Holy Month.

The event began at 6:00 pm with an overture of welcome. Half an hour later, there was an optional maghrib (moment of reflection), followed by the Iftar itself at 7:00 pm. It was a delicious, exquisite meal brought to life by various stalwarts of SWANA cuisine and beyond. At 8:30 pm, it concluded with a cinematic voyage that was curated by DARNA.

Marhaba made possible this glorious event for Arab and Muslim creatives, a first in Italy. They partnered with multiple collaborators to make it happen, each bringing their unique vision. Led by the featured organizers in Miriam Fahin and Aya Mohamed, the likes of Haus of Ninja, Collective Textile, and Eremo Design Archives all strived to shape Marhaba into what it was.

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