An enchanting gateway of well-being, conviviality, and sustainability in the heart of Rome.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of the Eternal City, Six Senses Rome offers a truly exceptional experience, with its prime location overlooking via del Corso and mere steps away from iconic landmarks like the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. The hotel boasts a rich historical backdrop, with its façade and monumental staircase meticulously restored to their original grandeur, preserving the city’s rich heritage.

As the first-ever Six Senses in an urban setting, Six Senses Rome stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to the Roman community and its key focus on urban sustainability. In line with this dedication, Six Senses has embarked on an inaugural community project by contributing to extensive renovation efforts aimed at revitalizing the façade of the neighboring San Marcello al Corso Church.

This initiative underscores the brand’s dedication to preserving and enhancing the cultural fabric of Rome, ensuring that its timeless charm continues to captivate visitors for generations to come.

Six Senses Rome
Six Senses Rome

The design of the hotel is something else. In collaboration with the renowned architect Patricia Urquiola the Six Sense Rome is an interior masterpiece, focusing on guests’ well-being. Every corner of the space breathes harmony with nature, from communal areas to the intimate confines of the bedrooms. The selection of materials and the evocative design elements echo both the locale’s essence and the core ethos of Six Senses.

Six Senses Rome

Urquiola’s artistic narrative seamlessly weaves the brand’s principles—well-being, conviviality, and sustainability—into a tapestry that honors the genius loci, the spirit of the place. With meticulous attention to detail, craftsmanship, and a nod to the rich history of Palazzo Salviati Cesi Mellini, dating back to the 15th century, Urquiola’s vision ingeniously integrates the architectural elements from various epochs.

Urquiola’s design narrative not only celebrates the palazzo’s storied past but also envisions its vibrant future as a haven of luxury and tranquility in the heart of Rome.

Six Senses Rome – Rooftop
Six Senses Rome
Six Senses Rome
Six Senses Rome

As for the room interiors, each guest room, much like the rest of the hotel, is spacious and combines historic influences in a visually pleasing manner. Regardless of which floor you are staying on, the most memorable rooms are located at the front of the hotel with breathtaking views of the neighboring Church. And if you like sunlight in your room, you’ll be thrilled about the high ceilings and how much light penetrates the rooms.

One of the delightful touches is the nightly turndown service. As part of their bedtime preparations, the room service team fixes your bed and infuses your room with soothing scents

Six Senses Rome – Spa

Following a day of wandering through the labyrinthine streets of Rome, indulge in a much-needed respite at Six Senses Spa. Here, the ancient practice of Roman bathing intertwines seamlessly with cutting-edge biohacking therapies, promising a rejuvenating experience like no other

Six Senses Spa Rome beckons with a wellness and spa journey that transcends the ordinary. Their contemporary interpretation of the age-old tradition of Roman bathing infuses a convivial ambiance, fostering a harmonious equilibrium of mind and body.

In summary, Six Senses Rome is an ideal destination for a peaceful and luxurious stay. It provides a tranquil retreat where you can experience Rome’s beauty while enjoying a design haven. With its myriad amenities, guests can enjoy a variety of experiences throughout their stay. In addition to the spas, café, rooftop, the hotel offers a weekly activities plan that you can check at reception – especially axed around wellness and wellbeing.

In their inaugural venture into urban hospitality, Six Senses has set the bar exceptionally high with its Roman destination– mastering the delicate balance of design, heritage, sustainability, and well-being to create an unparalleled experience for our delight.

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