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In a major step forward in sustainability, Shangri-La Hotels has collaborated with UNISOAP UAE, powered by Goumbook, to launch a soap recycling program at its flagship properties in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Goumbook, a leading social enterprise in the GCC, promotes a sustainable lifestyle within the hospitality industry.

Courtesy of Shangri-La

The UAE’s hotels dispose of approximately 16 million bars of soap annually, contributing significantly to landfill waste. The UNISOAP UAE initiative aims to collect these used soaps, recycle them hygienically, and redistribute the new bars to vulnerable communities, thereby promoting better hygiene where it is most needed.

“UNISOAP UAE is excited to extend its reach in a nation increasingly adopting sustainable solutions across various sectors, including hospitality. Our collaboration with Shangri-La Hotels is a significant stride in environmental conservation, climate action, and global hygiene awareness.”

– Tatiana Antonelli Abella, Founder and Managing Director of Goumbook.

Shangri-La’s involvement in this soap recycling project is part of its comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy, embodied in the “Triple S” framework: Stay, Savour, and Shine. This strategy underscores the group’s commitment to embedding sustainability into its core operations and enhancing stakeholder engagement.

Courtesy of Shangri-La

The collaboration between Shangri-La Hotels and UNISOAP UAE marks a milestone towards environmental stewardship and community support within the hospitality industry. By recycling discarded soaps and repurposing them for those in need, this initiative not only tackles significant waste management challenges but also improves hygiene access for vulnerable populations.

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