A first date in a few days? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the coolest venue in town.

Finding the perfect place for a first date can be tricky. How will the mood be? The food? The cocktails? It should be hip but not too busy… It should be discreet but cool… We’ve all experienced this moment of doubt. KHAMSA is here for you now – Scroll down and get inspired.

© Honeycomb Hi-Fi

Located in the Pullman Hotel in Business Bay, Honeycomb Hi-Fi opened its doors last week. The venue is a sweet mix between a legitimate record store and an Izakaya kitchen. Smartly designed for quality acoustics, Honeycomb Hi-Fi has a High-Fidelity sound system, an impressive vinyl library, and warm interiors that offer guests an intimate, yet a full-of-character experience.

Hong-Kong based Chef Matt Abergel designed the food selections, working with Japanese flavours, ingredients, and cooking techniques, he came up with a menu that’s ideal for sharing. Honeycomb Hi-Fi is the place for the audiophile community, foodies, and cocktail lovers alike.

The venue blends a love of design with quality Japanese food and signature drinks, creating a refined and confidential setting – which always works well for a first date.

© Honeycomb Hi-Fi

Honeycomb Hi-Fi promises a new experience in Dubai. If you’re looking for a musical and design treat in a cozy setting that will allow you to get closer to your date, think no more – Honeycomb Hi-Fi is the place you need to book.

Reservation Details:

Phone Number: +97144126666

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