Traverse the paths of the Egyptian wonderland.

Egypt’s Mediterranean coastline houses Alexandria, a city with a rich culture and a captivating allure. It is steeped in centuries of history, having been conjured in the vision of Alexander the Great in the year 331 BCE. It emerged as the jewel in the crown of the Hellenistic world, and then embraced the role of capital, knowledge beacon, cultural hub, and tourist attraction.

This week, KHAMSA touches down in Alexandria with the help of a detailed travel guide by Mai Yackout (@maiyackout_ on Instagram). A fashion model by profession, Mai hails from Alexandria herself, and shares a special connection with the city.

Alexandria’s appeal lies not just in its fabled academic excellence, but in its grace towards nature and its welcoming nature towards visitors. As Mai will affirm, the flow of life in the city’s streets, from merchants making sales to people exploring its every corner, is simply magnificent. Indeed, Alexandria is what one might call a living museum, urging explorers to discover its traits, both hidden and public.

Top must-visit food spots in Alexandria?

١. Top authentic cuisines in Alexandria


It’s considered Alexandria’s first Spanish restaurant. It’s located in El Raml Station behind Amir Cinema. It serves a variety of Spanish dishes with great decorations and great vibes.

Greek Club (White and Blue restaurant)

It’s a well-known location in Alexandria because of its location, which is over the Alexandrian harbour. It has a mixture of seafood and some Greek dishes.

El lol

It’s a family-run seafood shack that sells fresh seafood. You can watch fishermen bring in their haul of the day, which will be cooked and served for you while you sit looking out over the water.

٢. Top Coffee Spots

Ecuador Coffee

It has premium fresh roasted coffee. It’s well known in Alexandria for its good prices and the variety of drinks and good internet. They have several branches all over Egypt and in Alexandria. There’s one in Stanley, El Ekbal, Gleem, and Fouad Street.

Brazilian Coffee

It’s a renowned coffee shop serving a wide variety of coffee. It is one of the city’s most notable landmarks for coffee lovers. It offers a more relaxed atmosphere for coffee lovers.

٣. Top Breakfast Spots

Le Metropole

You can start your day with an open buffet breakfast in Metropole Hotel.

Blue Harbor Restaurant

It’s an open buffet breakfast as well, but it’s in the rooftop of Windsor Palace hotel. You can enjoy a delightful breakfast while taking in the stunning Mediterranean view.

Best places for sundowners?


You can enjoy your meal or drinks while you’re on one of the most beautiful rooftops in Alexandria.


It’s a nightclub on top of Windsor Palace Hotel, where you can enjoy good music and drinks while looking at a beautiful view.


After a day of work, you can spend the weekend at Nasaya. It has an outdoor seating next to the sea.


You can enjoy the outdoor area of Delices while having some of the best desserts and drinks in Alexandria, It’s an amazing place for hanging out with your friends or family.

Best places for shopping?

San Stefano Mall

It’s located in Janaklees, which is very near to everyone, and it has a lot of famous brands that people like to buy from, like Defacto and LCW and some other local ones.

City Centre

It’s a bigger place with everything you need in it. You can find food, a huge variety of clothing brands, accessories and groceries.

El Raml Station

If you like to thrift shop, this is where you want to go, as it has a lot of thrift shops for a variety of prices.


You can find a lot of shoes and accessories here, as it’s a long road filled with different stores.

Must-visit cultural spots?

١. Greco-Roman Museum

Source: Archaeology Wiki

٢. Biblotheque

Source: Lonely Planet

٣. Citadel of Qaitbay

Source: Egypt Tours Portal

Underrated places?

Garlik in Smouha for the best pasta and pizza. The Signature Black Villa is underrated too.

Must-pack items?

If you’re visiting in winter, you must have a waterproof jacket as it rains all the time, and some jumpers because it gets really cold, and don’t forget your skincare products. However, if you’re visiting in the summer, you need to have the most comfortable and summery items as it’s really hot. Pack some pair of flip-flops, sunscreen, hair products to save your hair from the humidity in the air, and of course, your swimsuit.

– Mai Yackout

Any tips and tricks to tackle the city?

It’s better to have a local with you, but most importantly, you have to visit some unknown places as
they have some of the best food and drinks. Places in small roads, not the main ones, are where you’ll get the best experience. Don’t forget to visit the historical places here.