For a fun exploration of Tbilisi, Georgia, Lea Hadidian (@leahadidian) is your go-to girl.

The cool and stylish model has a good grasp of the city’s hotspots as she takes KHAMSA’s readers on a charming experience across Tbilisi. This guide is a fusion of local treasures, trendy shopping destinations, and serene spots that offer a refreshing escape during your visit.

Top food spots in Georgia?

Since I’m a big foodie, I take food very seriously when I travel and always prioritize trying the local food to experience something new. 

  • Barbarestan: 

‘An elegant gem’.

The food is phenomenal and experimental – just the way I like it. Every dish has a unique taste with mouthwatering flavours. No wonder it took me so long to choose from the menu because everything was SO GREAT! I just felt tempted to order the entire thing! The waiter also gives a detailed description of each dish, so you also get a bit of history about how the restaurant evolved.

The place feels very homey and cosy because it makes me feel like I went to have lunch at grandma’s.

  • Honoré Tbilisi

If you’re looking for a spot to have some evening drinks and benefit from happy hour, Honore Tbilisi is the place to go. With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to bring people together. Enjoy good music and conversation, all wrapped up with good vibes.

If you’re on the search for the right spot to have a productive afternoon, head upstairs to the second floor to find their coworking space. Go to ‘Oldboys.tbilisi’ on IG to see everything this place has to offer.

  • OtsY

It’s authentic Georgian cuisine, so it’s a must!


  • Fabrika:

The place to meet creatives and feel like you’re in a school playground during recess. Great for coffee, food, and a chill hangout. It’s very easy to make friends and meet strangers there. It also has some shops: sneaker shops, and ceramic shops. A lot of thrift shops are found all around Fabrika, so keep an eye out and dig in!! 

  • The VIP Room at Bathhouse No. 5

Beautiful Georgian bath interior experience. 

Where to shop?

  • Ne.klassika

It’s a cute store that sells Georgian/Korean designer pieces and a super cool Ukrainian brand called SAYYA. I found myself the CUTEST ‘Charles Jourdan’ pendant. 

  • Situationist

I love everything about this Georgian brand: designs, choice of models, their IG editorials, all that goes through Irakli Rusadzes’ head himself.

Using raw, minimalistic and strict aesthetics, the brand represents old Georgian culture and ’90s memories.’ These influences are changing, as Georgia was no longer viewed as a ‘post-Soviet country’ for just a short period of time.

Best boutique hotels?

There are many cute boutique hotels on, but I personally checked into an Airbnb located in the old touristic spot in Tbilisi. It was so beautiful; the rooms felt like an old mountain house.

  • Stamba Hotel

Stamba, stamba, stamba!

The sister hotel to Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, Stamba combines design aesthetics and local culture with urban conversion. With Stamba Hotel, Tbilisi’s ever-evolving identity is celebrated. In addition to its design-focused guestrooms, the hotel has a restaurant and bar concept and cultural spaces to do things.

Food is greaaat – breakfast, lunch & dinner! Even for coffee and drinks! You can spend the whole day there! 

Underrated places?

The parks and wineries. Rike Park in the night-time.

Since I’m coming from Dubai, parks and wineries are what I was looking for the most. Walking on the streets felt underrated to me!

What to avoid:

I don’t think I tried to avoid anything, I’m a very “wherever the wind blows me” type of person, and I felt very safe in the country.

The people are super laid back, chilled, inspiring, friendly, non-judgmental, and social.

Must pack items?


It’s a beautiful city to walk around, so they must be comfortable. Trust me; you wouldn’t want to spend the trip cruising in the car; the experience is so different. Something about the different shades of green and how nature makes you feel alive is really special.


The party life is just as great as Beirut or Berlin’s underground scene. Aprili, Bassiani, and TES.

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