KHAMSA discovers the beauty of Kuwait.

Kuwait is a city in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, whose desert lands and urban jungles meet for a realm of paradoxes. This city, one of rich heritage and culture, vibrates with a modern heartbeat that fiercely embraces the future.

This week, KHAMSA ventures to the Kuwaiti land, with the help of a detailed travel guide by Farah Assaad (@farahforeall on Instagram). Farah is a certified art director and editorial stylist who is the founder of The byfarahforeal agency. Based in Kuwait, she is certified by the renowned London College of Fashion and has been featured in a variety of international magazines.

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a fiery hue across the desert sky, Kuwait comes alive through an array of colours and sounds. As Farah will affirm, everything from the cuisine to the culture is both appealing and enriching. Every corner reveals a new adventure, and every moment is infused with the magic of discovery.

Top must-visit food spots in Kuwait?

Favourite Morning Spots

Earth Roastery

Best coffee in town.

Lazy Cat

Best breakfast.


Best Acai bowls.

My Favourite Food Spots

Tampopo Ramen Shop

Some of the best Ramen in town.

White Robata

Great Asian Fusion.

On The Roto

Wood-fired rotisserie.


Favourite Japanese


Rooftop meals at their finest.


Haute Japanese cooking to relish.


Japanese dishes whipped up by the finest chefs.

Favourite Korean


‘Tiny Seoul’ In Kuwait City

Favourite Clean Food Spots

Healthy Feast

Gluten-free choices.

Good Stuff

Air-baked food with natural and organic options.

The Bowl

Best Desserts

I’m not really a dessert person, but anything from ‘The Ugly Baker’ is elite.

Best places for shopping?

Edge Complex Shuwaikh

Must-visit cultural spots?

Image courtesy Farah Assaad

Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, Kuwait Towers, and Al Shaheed Park.

– Farah Assaad

Best hotels to stay in?

Waldorf Astoria, Four Seasons, and Grand Hyatt.

Underrated Places?

Source: Kuna Kuwait

Souq Mubarakiya is super underrated and has the best finds.

– Farah Assaad

Favourite Activities?

Image courtesy Farah Assaad

Life cycle classes, food markets, going fabric hunting to design custom-made pieces for my occasions.

I love going for movies, waking up to go watch the sunrise on the beach, and outdoor biking along the seaside

Must-pack items?

Image courtesy Farah Assaad

Sunblock for sure! Gets toasty!

Your best outfits – everyone is super dressed up and looking their best anywhere and everyone, so you need to keep up. Also carry a big bag for all the shopping you’re about to do, and some workout clothes to join a class or two, along with comfortable shoes for walking at Avenues Mall.

– Farah Assaad

Best matcha spots in town?

You can’t visit Kuwait and not take a tin of hausofmatcha’s ceremonial grade matcha to go! Another regular order of mine is coffee bean’s oatmilk matcha – less sugar.

Tips for getting around the city?

Image courtesy Farah Assaad

You can book a private chauffeur for the day with the local transport apps, and so many safe transport app options are available.