New York

Venture into the urban metropolis that is New York

In the pulsating heart of the urban jungle, where dreams are woven into the very fabric of the cityscape, New York emerges as a captivating enigma in the kaleidoscopic lens that is everyone’s travel dreams. The relentless energy of the metropolis reverberates through the towering skyscrapers and eclectic street corners, creating a sensory symphony that encapsulates the city’s avant-garde spirit. In this concrete playground, each borough becomes a canvas for self-expression, where diverse cultures converge in a harmonious clash of creativity.

This week, KHAMSA touches down in the urban sensation that is New York, through a detailed travel guide by Aysha (@styledbyaysha on Instagram). A stylist, event curator, and content creator, Aysha has worked with brands like Loewe, Givenchy, Dior, Fendi, Valentino, and many others.

New York breathes life into fashion, art, and music, birthing trends that reverberate far beyond its skyline. As Aysha would tell you, amidst the hustle and flow, New York stands as an ever-evolving muse, its streets pulsating with the beats of the underground, a constant dance between tradition and the avant-garde. Indeed, the city’s iconic landmarks, from the iconic glow of Times Square to the unyielding spirit of the Bowery, serve as backdrops to a never-ending performance where individuality reigns supreme

Top must visit food spots in New York?

Good Thanks

My absolute favourite breakfast place!


One can’t simply go there and not try the French Toast.

RH Guesthouse

Another upscale, perfect brunch spot.

Best places for sundowners

Image courtesy Aysha

I love Dumbo House for a good relaxing time at the Rooftop, and the view is scenic.

– Aysha

Best places for shopping?

Madison Avenue is my favourite shopping destination, and Lower East Side for cool stores and vintage finds.

Must-visit cultural spots?

Undoubtedly, The MET it is one of the most culturally inclusive and diverse spots.

– Aysha

Best boutique hotels to stay in?

Both Fouquet’s and The Mercer are luxurious, chic abodes.

Underrated places?

Source: TripAdvisor

I love all the cafés in the Lower East Side, they are so yummy and creative.

What should you avoid?

“5th Avenue during the holidays. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!”

– Aysha

Must-pack items?

Thermals, flat boots, chunky scarves and gloves are absolute essentials.

Any tips and tricks to tackle the city?

One needs to get reservations ahead of time, and having a great concierge doesn’t hurt for last-minute reservations.

Miscellaneous thoughts

I think all readers want to know how to score a bag at Hermès this season. Please go to Madison and find a good SA; they are the nicest and easiest to butter up!