Explore Paris like never before!

Few cities evoke emotions in travelers like Paris does. One of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world, it is a place that everyone has heard plenty of tales about. As the Paris Fashion Week starts, there is no better time to visit the City of Light and craft some magical memories.

This week, KHAMSA explores the fascinating setting of Paris with a detailed insider’s guide by Rania Fawaz (@raniafawazz on Instagram), an Iraqi model, fashionista, and social media influencer. An expert fashion photographer and critic, Rania is the proud owner of MORPHO, a label that is going from strength to strength.

Paris is a city that is both antique and modern in equal measure. As Rania points out, its various traits combine to make it an ideal location for a rich and unforgettable trip. With PFW shaping up to be an all-timer event, it is now the perfect time to pay a visit to the French capital. Rania takes you through its food hotspots, shopping havens, and its more underrated landmarks.

Top must-visit Paris food spots?

Chez Jais

Sophisticated and subtly adorned restaurant that crafts traditional bistro classics infused with contemporary flair.

Ferdi burger

A culinary location boasting a menu of desires, where gourmet impulses blend in with taste buds.

Café Kitsuné

Coffee haven that houses the beverage and its culture, paying homage to the everyday joy of sipping great coffee and admiring the surroundings.

Le Voltaire

A beacon of chic Parisian allure with French cuisine that weaves tales from the rich tapestry of French terroir, located at the ground where Voltaire once lived.

Best places for shopping?

Nuovo is a vintage store that is focused on making shoppers feel in love with shopping. The sheer range of clothes on offer is heaven for anyone who loves to scour for new adornments. Located in the Marais, it promises to lend buyers a whole new perspective into the art of clothes shopping.

The broken Arm Store

Best hotels to stay in?

The five-star Hôtel Costes is one of the best hotels in Paris. Its plethora of amenities and luxurious stay experience is the perfect base for the perfect French capital holiday. It is situated near everything you should visit, but you will want to start with its famous bar and courtyard café