Discover the charms of the Italian destination.

Milan is a haven of artistic expression and cultural freedom, set in the backdrop of Northern Italy. This metropolis intertwines its rich history with a cutting-edge contemporary flair, offering a sensory journey through centuries of its unique artistry and innovation.

This week, ahead of the Milan Fashion Week, KHAMSA lands in the Italian city and explores it through a handbook by Atra Daniel (@aatras on Instagram). A content creator and lifestyle influencer, Atra’s adventures often take her to the city of Milan, a destination she is always full of praise for.

Milan is far from the quintessential European city. Indeed, it is a melting pot of cultures, with time standing still for all of its diverse inhabitants to seamlessly coexist. It is a city that defies definition – a true masterpiece of human ingenuity and imagination.

Top must-visit food spots in Milan?


Best fine dining!


Best dinner!

Ralph Lauren

For brunch.


For breakfast and lunch!

Al Garghet

Cozy and very, very Milanese!

Casa Tobago

Very cool space, cosmopolitan dinner.

Best places for sundowners?

Ceresio 7

Rooftop for aperitivo with a view.

Hotel Viu

Almost the same as Ceresio.

Best places for shopping?


Must-visit cultural spots?

Pinacoteca di Brera

Palazzo Reale

Best boutique hotels to stay in?

Aethos Milan and Vmaison are two great boutique hotels.

– Atra Daniel

Underrated places?

Joia Milano
Source: theworlds50best

Best vegetarian restaurant!

What should you avoid?

Avoid all the place around neighbourhoods of Moscova and Garibaldi.

– Atra Daniel

Must-pack items?

Apart from the essential things, some extra stuff I always need to have in a little travel vanity is boob tape, nipple covers, and a sewing kit first aid kit. I made a little vanity for all those emergency girly things. So whenever I have a trip, I’ll just pack that vanity.

I also pack silk cover for the pillow, sheet masks, and comfy clothes.

Any tips and tricks to tackle the city?

Going to see the neighbourhood of Porta Venezia, especially Via Mozart, Via Passione, and Villa Necchi.