An artistic treasure in Provence’s premier vineyard.

The Château La Coste and its full-service resort, Villa La Coste, have gained popularity among connoisseurs and enthusiasts due to the exquisite combination of art, wine, and sustainability, creating an unforgettable sensory experience beyond traditional vineyard tours. Along with the winery, it features Europe’s only Francis Mallmann restaurant, a world-class spa, and its magnum-opus, a gently rolling landscape dotted with sculpture, immersive installations and monumental land art by Sean Scully, Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Serra, and Tracey Emin among others.

١. A Little Bit of History

Founded as a vineyard in the picturesque Provence region of France in the 17th century, Château La Coste has undergone various transformations and ownership changes over the years. Patrick McKillen, an Irish businessman and art collector, acquired the property in the early 2000s with the goal of transforming it into the artistic oasis it is today. McKillen sought to create an estate that combined art, architecture, and wine within its acres of vineyards by working with renowned architects and artists.

٢. An Artistic Haven

As you stroll through the expansive vineyards of Château La Coste, you’ll discover many artistic wonders. The estate has become a canvas for internationally acclaimed artists who donate their unique works to the open-air gallery.

As the first piece acquired by Château La Coste, Alexander Calder’s Small Crinkly remains on display. Despite not being specifically made for the domain, this small, elegant mobile in painted steel reflects in the water, and the ripples in the basin create a perfect harmony with the light movement of the panels. The Spider is one of the most celebrated works of French-American sculptor Louise Bourgeois. This magnificent arachnid symbolizes strength, femininity, and artistic expression.

Oscar Niemer’s gallery and auditorium were built to host exhibitions and events in the middle of a Vermentino vineyard, close to Brazilian Tunga’s artwork. The floor-to-ceiling windows and pool of water on its exterior accentuate the surrounding landscape and appear like a wave unravelling in the shape of a comma.

Oscar Niemeyer’s Auditorium

And that’s not even half of the stunning artwork that you’d come across. In addition to its individual artistic pieces, Château La Coste also possesses a symbiotic relationship between architecture and art. Architects such as Tadao Ando, Jean Nouvel, and Renzo Piano all designed extraordinary structures on the estate, complementing the artwork and seamlessly integrating with the landscape.

٣. Culinary Experiences

With a farm-to-table philosophy, the estate showcases Provence flavours through its restaurants and cafés. With fresh, locally sourced ingredients, visitors can savour various culinary delights, from traditional Provencal specialities to gourmet creations. Located in an area renowned for its culinary heritage, Château La Coste showcases local dishes such as bouillabaisse (fish stew), socca (chickpea pancakes), and other Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

In keeping with the exceptional wines produced on the estate, Château La Coste’s culinary offerings are thoughtfully curated. Through pairings of wine and food, guests can discover the perfect combination that enhances both the flavours of the dishes as well as the wines.

Those interested in discovering more about Provencal cuisine can also attend Château La Coste’s cooking classes to learn more about local cooking techniques, ingredient selection, and the process of creating organic culinary delights.

٤. Villa La Coste

A stay at Château La Coste’s boutique hotel Villa La Coste is a must. Villa La Coste is an exquisite luxury hotel on the estate. With world-class amenities and breathtaking views, this exclusive retreat allows guests to immerse themselves in Provence’s intimate and serene setting.

Guests can enjoy the tranquillity of their private terraces or balconies, which are furnished with modern comforts and a touch of Provencal charm. The villa boasts elegantly designed rooms and suites, all of which are meticulously appointed with modern comforts. Guests can receive various rejuvenating treatments and therapies at the resort’s spa and wellness centre. If you want an exceptional stay in Provence, Villa La Coste provides an enchanting escape.

٥. Best Time To Visit

As spring enters Provence, it brings mild temperatures, blooming flowers, and lush vineyards. The pleasant weather makes it ideal for leisurely walks and outdoor activities. You can discover Château La Coste’s art installations and vineyards while experiencing nature’s vibrant colours.

If your goal is to have a charming wine-tasting and cellar tour, then Autumn would be ideal. The atmosphere is cool and quiet, with a beautiful palette of autumnal colours in the vineyards.

Summer would most likely be nice as well; however, it’s probably the busiest.

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