Milan Men's Fashion Week

Explore Milan as fashion descends into the city!

Nestled in the heart of Italy, Milan stands as a city where history seamlessly intertwines with contemporary allure. Renowned for its iconic landmarks such as the magnificent Duomo Cathedral and the historic Sforza Castle, Milan captivates visitors with its rich cultural tapestry. Beyond its architectural marvels, Milan emerges as a global fashion powerhouse, especially during events like the Milan Men’s Fashion Week.

This week, KHAMSA ventures into the wondrous Italian city through a travel handbook by Ahmad Daabas (@ahmaddaabas on Instagram), the founder and editor of AMDMode. Hailing from a background in fashion and brand consultancy, Ahmad lends his expertise as a consultant to several international brands in the MENA region.

Image courtesy Ahmad Daabas/Bold Management

As the city readies itself for this prestigious fashion extravaganza taking place from January 12-16, the streets come alive with an unparalleled energy, reflecting the avant-garde spirit that Milan is known for. With world-class designers unveiling their latest creations and fashion enthusiasts converging from across the globe, Milan Men’s Fashion Week transforms the city into a dynamic runway of innovation and style, perfectly complementing the timeless elegance that defines Milan. This is, as Ahmad would affirm, the perfect time to visit the Italian travel marvel.

Top must visit food spots?

Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone

For some delicious lunch.

God Save The Food

For all your brunching needs.


For some exquisite coffee.


For some fantastic dinner.

Palazzo Parigi Garden

For some tasty breakfast.

Best places for sundowners?

Bulgari Hotel Garden

The trees and greenery create an open-air atmosphere that is outdoor heaven.

Principe Di Savoia Bar

A refined environment that is both timeless and relaxing.


Located on the sixth floor of Fondazione Prada building, Torre’s open ambience offers a phenomenal view of Milan.

Bar Luce

This Wes Anderson-inspired space is perfect for comfortable dining.

Best places for shopping?

Via Monte Napoleon
Source: Pinterest
Antonia Milano

Must-visit cultural spots?

Brera District
Source: Mom in Italy

This quaint neighbourhood is home to some cobbled streets that house cultural landmarks and original stores.

Fondazione Prada
Image courtesy Ahmad Daabas/Bold Management

No visit to Milan can be completed without a visit to the cultural institution that is Fondazione Prada.

Best boutique hotels to stay in?

Portrait Milano
Corso Como 10

Underrated places?

Ristorante Pizzeria Convivium. It is the best pizzeria.

What should you avoid?

Image courtesy Ahmad Daabas/Bold Management

Walking around Duomo late at night.

Must-pack items?

During winter time, Milan gets super dry and cold, so you should stick to a skincare regime that keeps your skin moisturized, and use lip balm to avoid dryness. In terms of outfit, always have two coats on hand, since you can wear them on top of any look paired with dark boots.

– Ahmad Daabas

Any tips and tricks to tackle the city?

Image courtesy Ahmad Daabas/Bold Management

Try to stick to local spots rather than touristic attractions. This would make you fall in love with the city and understand its dynamic!