KHAMSA challenged travel and lifestyle creators to show the world their city

KHAMSA embraces the wonders of travel, always grabbing the opportunity to visit new places and further explore familiar ones. Using TikTok’s #WhereToVisit, which garnered over 5 billion views on the platform globally, KHAMSA put forward the challenge of showcasing the best features of their cities to some travel and lifestyle creators. They responded in kind with some amazing glimpses into their favourite places in the world.

Strap yourself to your seat as these social media personalities show you the standout parts of their cities through #WhereToVisit on TikTok!

١. @thehadeerhameed

٢. @rana.reviews

٣. @yasminreda

٤. @moroccanmirage

٥. @lailaezzat2


Being a tourist for the day in my own country ❤️‍🔥 Have you ever been to Cairo? #tiktoktravel #wheretovisit @KHAMSA #travel #vlog #wheretovisitcairo #wheretovisitegypt

♬ Cool modern chill out, 10 minutes(1001927) – 8.864

٦. @hello.965

٧. @blueabaya


Exploring The origins of my city Riyadh- Turaif UNESCO World heritage site in Diriyah, Riyadh. 💚The City of Earth💚@KHAMSA #wheretovisit #wheretovisitksa @Visit Diriyah #visitdiriyah #diriyah #riyadh #saudiarabia #tiktoktravel #explorearabia

♬ I Can Feel It (Christmas Instrumental) – Nick Sena and Danny Echevarria

٨. @moiyadba1


العلا – المملكة العربية السعودية AlUla – Saudi Arabia #WhereToVisitKSA #TravelTiktok @KHAMSA @Experience AlUla استكشف العلا #AlUlaMoments #ExperienceAlUla #AncientKingdomsFestival

♬ original sound – Ammar Aboalrub | عمار أبو الرب

٩. @insaf.bennis