A creative community located on Turkey’s Datca Peninsula.

Located on a private, unspoiled beach in Turkey’s Datca Peninsula, Bonjuk Bay is a ”creative community of imaginative, conscious, and like-minded people coming together to celebrate life and share transformational experiences.”

The Bonjuk estate is situated on a magnificent piece of nature that boasts 200 meters of private beach lined by palm trees and surrounded by a forest, many fruit trees, a green house, friendly farm animals and pets, and its own spring that flows through the property from the mountains.

Bonjuk Bay offers a variety of accommodation options, including stone house attic rooms, bungalows, and different types of tents if you enjoy being surrounded by nature, as well as huts on the beach. The glamping tents and rooms provide eco-friendly, clean, comfortable, and playful lodging in harmony with nature.

Guests can experience a direct and deep connection with nature at this boutique retreat while feeling safe, comfortable and even pampered while staying there. Bonjuk Bay’s mission has been to accentuate the natural beauty of their surroundings with refinement and discreet elegance throughout the estate.

As far as culinary options are concerned, Bonjuk has its own natural resources. The property has a natural spring that provides water. There are plenty of fruit trees that produce grapes, figs, avocados, and more. The estate also has its own greenhouse where tomatoes, peppers, beans, eggplants, cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce and herbs are grown. The eggs are provided by free-range chickens, and the milk and cheese are provided by goats. In this way, you can enjoy organic food and have a holistic experience during your stay. If they cannot grow anything in their garden, they get it from neighboring farms and gardens to make sure they always provide the guests with delicious fresh meals.

It’s not uncommon for Bonjuk Bay to host events or festivals full of great music, live performances, amazing food, workshops, nature, and a a lot of dancing. Besides the parties, there is yoga, sound healing, workshops, talks, and bodypainting.

For more information, visit bonjukbay.com