Whether it’s time for a luggage refresh or not, this list of stylish travel bags will inspire your next purchase.

١. Rimowa

Rimowas are loved by all, but why go for the classic silver when you can go for this chic deep green?

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٢. Globe-Trotter x GOLF Le FLEUR*

The Globe-Trotter is a luxury classic, but this collaboration with Tyler The Creator’s brand Golf le Fleur* is delightfully whimsy.

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٣. Goyard

A Goyard is indispensable for fashion-forward travellers; a yellow one just adds a bit of sunshine to your journey.

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٤. Lipault

A Lipault is a lightweight, functional, and versatile bag, especially for frequent flyers. We like the Bourdeux shade.

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٥. Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama has drawings’ patches from “My Eternal Soul,” a series of Kusama’s paintings since 2009. If you like a statement, this is the one.

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