If you are looking for a timeless escape, add Copenhagen to your Travel list. Here are the top 5 places for stand-out pieces in Denmark’s capital. 

Copenhagen is a city that understands the value of design. Known for practising sustainable consumerism, the stores in the town are thoroughly curated. Store owners dedicate their time to selecting each item purposefully, promoting the idea that pieces should last a lifetime rather than a month. These are the most uniquely curated stores in Copenhagen.

Holly Golightly

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, this highly curated multi-brand concept store created “a universe of fashion, jewellery, design and art objects”. Possessing unique pieces from both emerging talents and established designers, the store celebrates handmade, sustainable, high-quality design. Made up of owner Barbra Maj Husted’s personal art collection, Holly Golightly is an eccentric must-see gem.

© Holly Golightly. Instagram, September 29, 2022


A Copenhagen favourite since 2005, shop owners Christiane Branner Wilton and Louise Marie Christensen opened Lubaro, a carefully curated shop that features luxury clothing, accessories, fine jewellery and fragrances. Located in a precious townhouse in the centre of Copenhagen, every item is chosen with a focus on effortless quality and strong design – a modern yet timeless collection. If you are looking for delicate, high-quality items, Lubarol is the place to go. Look for the pyjamas – they are so charming. 

Etage Projects

Recently honoured with an appearance in the New York Times as one of the 5 most important dealers of design, Etage Projects is a Copenhagen-based art and design gallery that specialises in a cross-aesthetic method. “Actively questioning and pushing the lines between art and design, abstraction and function, Etage Projects works with creatives who seek to expand the field of interdisciplinarity and collective culture”. Flavorful and outlandish, everything from the colour of the walls to the placements, this carefully curated gallery is an outstanding hub of creativity. 

Sabine Poupinel

Owned by the renowned photographer and designer Sabine Poupinel, Sabine Poupinel is an exclusive Danish multi-brand boutique, located in the heart of Copenhagen since 1973. The boutique includes a courageously creative and carefully curated selection of pieces from up-and-coming designers alongside established Scandinavian designers. Poupinel’s idiosyncratic pieces have created noise around the town and world, naming it one of the coolest boutiques in Copenhagen. 

Lot #29

Lot #29 is a finely-curated luxury retailer that first opened in 2003. Danish women Cecilie Kølpin and Line Hallberg take personalization to the next level, selling pieces you never thought you could find – from clothing, home decor, and beauty, Lot #29 puts timeless into action. Anything from local sustainable Danish brands to an A/W 1982 men’s Missoni sweater, they have it all.  

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