Discover Egypt’s beloved Sahel.

For our latest travel guide, Malak Hany (@malakxhany) is taking us to the North Coast of Egypt. Hany is a writer who works in fashion marketing and will soon launch her own fashion business. As the stylish and well-travelled lady she is, Hany shares her fun guide for all those who want to tan and party this summer.

With a love for the sea and its tranquillity, Hany shares an immersive experience of the North Coast. In her words, a place “filled with friends, food & loooots of fun!”

Must-see Beaches? 

Almaza’s beach

Swanlake’s beach

Swanlake Beach

Caesar’s beach

Must-do Activities?

Tanning is a must. People go to the North Coast to tan and party. You should try Jet Skiing in Telal.

Kiki’s Friday Night

Saturdays in Sol Beach Bar

Best Places For Shopping?

When you’re there, don’t forget to shop local.

Azza Fahmy in Diplo

Okhtein in Almaza

Asqaured Boutique in Seashell

Best Places For Sundowners?

Monkeybar in Alamza

SACHI by the sea in Almaza

Crimson in Marina Marassi

Underrated Places?


Gigi’s in Ghazala

Leeloo’s in Swanlake

Barbarossa Beach Club

Where To Stay

These are some of the best boutique hotels to stay at.

The G Hotel

Al Alamein Hotel

Where To Eat


Ovio Marassi

CULT in Hacienda White

KEKI in Diplo

Brown Nose in The Alley


Takosan Hacienda White

What the Crust Northed

Eatery Seashell




REIF in Marassi

Salt of Earth in Swanlake

Scalini in Hacienda White

Izakaya in Marassi

Must-pack items? 

Tanning oil, a party dress, lip gloss, a disposable camera, gold jewellery, bikinis, and a summer bag.


Rand Al-Hadethi is an art, culture, and fashion writer who approaches all her creative endeavours with a penchant for storytelling. She explores the intersection of fashion, culture, and society and sheds light on talent and cultural movements across the Middle East and the world. Rand also publishes a bi-monthly themed substack newsletter called WebWeaver™. To reach Rand, email her at or follow her on social media @rundoozz.