LONDON: Where All Your Dreams Converge in Style, and the Runway Awaits at London Fashion Week

Picture this: London, a vibrant mosaic of experiences that captivates every traveler’s heart. So, as London Fashion Week unfolds, seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in the city’s dynamic spirit, where style and substance unite to create an unforgettable journey. London is calling, and it has everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

This Week: KHAMSA unveils London’s chicest haunts – an insider’s guide by Haya Abdullah (@byhayaabdullah). In a symphony of style and wanderlust, KHAMSA beckons you to explore the heartbeat of London, as seen through the eyes of Haya Abdullah, the maven of fashion consultancy and creative expertise. Step into the world of dreams made real, where the city’s essence unfurls in a tapestry of experiences, from culinary escapades to retail therapy extravaganzas.

Right in time for London Fashion Week, discover London as Haya expertly navigates you through its culinary landscape, revealing hidden gems and iconic eateries alike. From charming neighborhood addresses to underrated places, she unravels her secrets.

Top must visit London food spots?

١. Olle Korean BBQ – Soho

A fast-casual Korean barbecue dining experience serving modern and traditional Korean Cuisine in London.

٢. Isabel – Mayfair

An opulent restaurant where the culinary worlds collide to bring local and global flavours.

٣. Circolo Popolare

A lavish and immersive Italian eatery, adorned with 20,000 bottle decorations and an opulent dining ambience.

٤. Nobu Shoreditch

A realm where the artistry of Japanese cuisine unfolds beneath the spell of a fusion-chic atmosphere.

Best places for sundowners?

The Standard‘s rooftop terrace offers tourists the perfect spot for unwinding under the rays of the sun. With gorgeous views of the city on offer, it is ideal for those looking to relax for a bit.

Best places for shopping?

Browns Fashion is a premium designer fashion and footwear flagship store. It offers upmarket solutions to everyone’s fashion needs. The flagship store, Browns Brook Street, is located within the heart of London’s Mayfair.

Must-visit cultural spots?

You cannot miss Tate, a network of four art galleries that houses both a national and international collection of modern and contemporary art. This spot appeals to both art enthusiasts and casual art appreciators, giving them the chance to bask in culture and click exquisite photos.

Best boutique hotels to stay in?

For the most luxurious experience, The Soho Hotel is the way to go. Located on a serene street in the heart of Soho in London, it has 96 luxurious bedrooms and suites, a premium restaurant and bar, private screening, and much more.

Underrated places?

Hyde Park is an underappreciated gem within London. Covering around 350 acres, it connects Kensington Palace through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, via Hyde Park Corner and Green Park, past Buckingham Palace to St. James’ Park. Exploring this place and its beauty is extremely rewarding.

What should you avoid?

Camden Market is a great place for those looking to get their shopping fix. However, it is packed on weekends and has some stalls shut on weekdays. As such, it is something you can skip.

Must-pack items?

Carry an umbrella and sunscreen with good SPF at all times.

Any tips and tricks to tackle the city?

To avoid unexpected traffic jams and weather issues, always leave for your destination fifteen minutes earlier than the ideal time.

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