New York

Discover the urban masterstroke that is NYC.

New York City, an absolute dream of a city for most, is a magnetic metropolis on the northeastern seaboard. It is the definition, the first name that comes to mind when one thinks ‘urban’, with its dizzying blend of culture, ambition, and relentless energy. NYC is a symbol of human ingenuity and excellence, having evolved over the years into a multifaceted urban landscape.

This week, KHAMSA lands in New York and explores the bustling city with a detailed travel guide by Noura Mutairi (@nuramutairi on Instagram). Noura is the co-founder of BYNK Media, a creative agency with branches in New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto that aims to foster the sense of community through real connections. Through this, they turn brands into household names.

New York is glittered with famous and legendary landmarks, such as The Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Wall Street, Broadway, Central Park, to name a few. Every facet of the city contributes to its global influence. As such, New York is a beacon of opportunity for many, who dream of writing many chapters of their lives there.

Top must-visit food spots?

Scarr’s Pizza

Must get the Hot Boi (because Halal pepperoni).


Best hand rolls.


Can’t go wrong, try everything.


Very scene-ey, but an excellent espresso martini.

Golden Diner

You will wait in line, but it’s worth it for the breakfast burrito.

Apollo Bagels

Best bagels.


Cutest coffee shop in the Lower East Side. Try the salted foam or the Vietnamese coffee.

Magnolia Bakery

For banana pudding.


Right by Parsons university. Get the Lebanese tacos.


Greek food. So, so good.

Little Canal

Coffee shop.


Mainly for the pistachio ice cream.

Best places for sundowners?

Image courtesy Noura Mutairi 

Le Dive – grab a seat on the patio in the evening!

– Noura Mutairi 

Best places for shopping?

Lower East Side – Kotn

Image courtesy Noura Mutairi 

“There are so many cute vintage shops in the area.”

Must-visit cultural spots?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Best Boutique hotels to stay in?

The Ludlow

Underrated places?

Image courtesy Noura Mutairi 

Gem, such a hidden gem.

– Noura Mutairi 

What should you avoid?

“The rats.”

Must-pack items?

“Good sneakers – you walk everywhere in the city.”

Any tips and tricks to tackle the city?

Meet people, some of the most interesting creatives and talented individuals are in New York. It’s a fast-paced city, so just go with it and see where NYC takes you.

– Noura Mutairi