Intimate, Effortless and Golden – Tashas Groups’ newest beachside haven, Bungalo34 !

Looking for an intimate seaside experience that combines beautiful food, surrounding, service and ambience – Bungalo34 is the place to keep on your radar.

Opened on the 17th of January, Bungalo34 is where effortless style meets glamour, nostalgia and sophistication. Located on Pearl Jumeira Island, a blissful escape from Dubai’s dynamism, the Mediterranean haven encapsulates authenticity and culture. Looking at the unobstructed seaside views of the Arabian Gulf while indulging in authentic Mediterranean cuisine, Bungalo34 is a uniquely chic, must-have experience.

Courtesy of Tashas Group

With a list of restaurants that shine through their eccentricity, restaurateur, Founder and CEO of Tashas Group Natasha Sideris decided it was time to add beachside dining to her repertoire. Sideris states, “Bungalo34 is a project very dear and close to my heart, inspired by my hidden haven in the Greek Riviera, I wanted to bring the same essence to this venue, and create an escape for my guests. A place where they can spend long afternoons with their family and friends, sharing beautiful food and creating memorable moments in a calm secluded location with stunning views”. 

Paying homage to European coastal regions, the menu at Bungalo34 encompasses true Mediterranean cuisine. Designed and curated by Natasha Sideris and culinary director Jill Okkers, the menu brings a touch of Greece, France and Italy onto each plate. Drawing on the chic simplicity of Riviera dining, the selection brings modern expressions of classic Mediterranean favourites to Bungalo34. You can enjoy a nostalgic Greek favourite like Strapatsada, a classic Three Cheese Souffle Omelette and a housemade glyko koutaliou of sweet pumpkin served on vanilla Greek yoghurt. Refreshing salads, delicious plates of pasta, extensive seafood displays and wood-fired pizzettes, baked on the spot – Bungalo34 offers only the best.

To complement the delectable Bungalo34 menu, beverage Director Krystian Hordejuk carefully curated a selection of refreshments that completely transport you into that Mediterranean summer feeling. ‘With a range of sparkling, iced, tropical and exotic cocktails, guests can enjoy a drink under the sun’.

Courtesy of Tashas Group

Working closely with Neydine Bak of Verhaal Studio to encapsulate the true essence of each Riviera, Natasha Sideris dressed the venue with hand-picked pieces she collected during her travels to Greece, France and Italy. From the one-of-a-kind lifestyle collectables and playful artworks to coral-inspired textured tiles and intimate interiors, her incredible eye for detail makes Bungalo34 a complete escape.

To make the essence of Bungalo34 tangible, Natasha Sideris partnered with Collective Africa at the beach, the extraordinary concept store that showcases glamorous, one-of-a-kind beachwear and lifestyle pieces inspired by Africa and sourced from around the world. Their range of luxury products, unique to this location, will be inspired by the beach and the sea and will carry a special collection featuring custom Bungalo34 branded products that celebrate the vibrance and chic glamour of the bygone era.

Through sophisticated decor, beachside elegance and authentic cuisine, Bungalo34 celebrates dining in style with family and friends while enjoying stunning views of the shore. 

“Where effortless style meets casual beachside bliss” – Bungalo34 is the place to go this time of year!

Follow @Bungalo34 for more information. And head to their website for reservations.

Born and Raised in Abu Dhabi, Palestinian creative Dujanah Jarrar reports on all things imaginative, immediate and intimate. Passionate about shifting perceptions and cultivating insight, her writings carry themes of cultural placement, identity and representation, exploring what innovative collaboration and creativity mean today.