Continuing our monthly series, we invite our readers to share a photo that depicts their month – a glimpse into their world as they document their daily joys.

To be considered, please send your name, location, Instagram handle, and a sentence or two about the image to We look forward to reviewing your submissions and potentially featuring them in our monthly series.

Here’s what July looked like for our readers.

Clemence Cazeau. Croatia.

The crystal blue waters are the best part of a summer escape.


Sary Arab. Marbella, Spain.

Enjoying some much-needed vacation days.


Aya Mechelany. Mzaar, Lebanon.

There’s something so special about getting shawarma from a local Lebanese cafeteria.


Sophia Khalifa. Lisbon, Portugal.

“This was in Lisbon Portugal. It was a stand in a Tuesday street market. This old man had a store where he collected and sold archival Portuguese film photos. As a film photographer, I was nerding out!! There were all these images of families from the early 1900s. Later the owner of the store drew me a picture of the beach we should visit during our stay in Lisbon.“


Nour Regaya. Korbus, Tunisia.

I was visiting my family in Tunisia, and we took a boat ride to Korbus. I spent the whole day with the people I love the most in my beautiful country.