Continuing our monthly series, we invite our readers to share a photo that depicts their month – a glimpse into their world as they document their daily joys.

To be considered, please send your name, location, Instagram handle, and a sentence or two about the image to We look forward to reviewing your submissions and potentially featuring them in our monthly series.

Here’s what June looked like for our readers.

Ron John. Dubai, UAE.

“That which blooms in the desert. The model wears a silk suit with flower prints by designer Sartoria Fiorella Ciaboco.”


Fathima Mehreen. Dubai, UAE.

“I went on an early morning hike in Fujairah, and while a friend took a picture of me on a digital camera – I took this picture of the view on my film camera. I love how the flowers in the foreground contrast the view in the background.”


Nour Regaya. Berlin, Germany.

“On our way home after celebrating my friend Taya’s birthday, my friend Dima stopped to look at the sunset over the Maybachufer Canal in Berlin.”


Reema. Dubai, UAE.

“I’m all about spontaneous road trips & impromptu shoots; it usually ends up being a favourite. This was taken on an early Saturday morning at the beach in Fujairah. “


Zina Hashem. Paris, France.

“Immersed in a vibrant French Sunday market, I savour the kaleidoscope of colourful produce while engaging in lively conversations with local farmers.”


Gaidaa Elfadul. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 

“Graduating from university on a random Tuesday after our last exam, headed to the beach with my partner in crime after five years of architecture school. We finally did it. This frame just gracefully pictures our start to summer.”