Palestinian singers

The melodious voices of the great land of Palestine.

Palestine’s musical history is a treasure chest overflowing with musical gems. Each piece tells a story – of traditions, modern struggles, and hope. That’s the magic of Palestinian artists. Music from the land is as soulful as it is a lesson in melody.

KHAMSA identified five singers whose music we find irresistible. Dive in and discover the captivating Palestinian sounds that will have you hitting repeat all day long.

١. Elyanna

Courtesy of @elyanna

Imagine your Teta whispering stories of Palestine, her voice rich with history and warmth. Enter Elyanna, a captivating artist who breathes new life into those stories, transforming them into anthems that resonate across generations. Her music bridges the gap between past and present, honouring tradition with a modern twist that makes you want to move. In 2023, she became the first Palestinian artist to perform at the iconic Coachella music festival, and the first ever to perform an entire set in Arabic.

Elyanna’s roots are on full display in everything she does. From her stunning visuals, where you might see her in a colourful tatreez shawl or a shimmering coin headpiece, to her music that explores the complexities of cultural identity, immigration, love, and resilience, she’s a powerful voice for her generation. Her bold aesthetic reflects the courage it takes to bridge cultures and share her story with the world, just like her music.

٢. Zeyne

Courtesy of @zeyne

Filled with lullabies, piano lessons, and global music, Zeyne‘s childhood nurtured a love for singing. But shyness kept her voice locked away. Then, a worldwide lockdown flipped the script and “Tunes with Zeyne” appeared on Instagram, a place to share her soulful R&B covers. Her voice struck a chord, turning a quarantine hobby into a musical launchpad.

Zeyne’s music speaks to everyone. She blends classic ’90s R&B with modern Arabic sounds, showing her cultural pride in every note. She is unafraid to to tackle tough topics, from social justice, cultural identity to relationships. Her voice is as powerful as the issues she sings about, and her passion is contagious.

٣. El Far3i

Courtesy of @elfar3i

El Far3i isn’t your typical musician. This Palestinian-Jordanian blends the soulful melodies of Arabic folk with the raw energy of hip-hop, creating a sound that’s both unique and catchy. Starting in 2008, El Far3i jammed with his guitar at local gigs, but his ambitions were bigger. He launched his solo career with an album that showcased his soulful vocals alongside powerful raps. His lyrics tackle real issues like love, social struggles, and the complexities of Arab identity.

El Far3i’s music isn’t just about sounds, but a cultural fusion. It is soulful singing mixed with rapping, all drawing inspiration from both traditional folk and modern hip-hop. It’s no surprise his songs become anthems for his massive global fanbase. But El Far3i’s creativity extends beyond solo work, co-founding two of the hottest alternative bands in the Middle East in El Morabba3 and 47Soul. He’s also a collaborator extraordinaire, working with top Arab artists around the world.

With hundreds of shows and millions of online views, El Far3i is an artist on a mission: to push boundaries and share his groundbreaking sounds with the world.

٤. Noel Kharman

Courtesy of @noel_kharman

A childhood passion for music evolved into a successful YouTube channel, where Noel Kharman gained recognition for her Adele and Fairouz mash-up, amassing over 32 million views. In her debut single, “Ann Alawan,” Noel channels personal loss into a universally relatable emotional experience, connecting with listeners who have gone through similar situations.

Facing the early loss of her father, Noel found solace in her mother’s encouragement to express herself through music. Even though she’s away from home chasing her dreams, she holds a tight bond with her mother, whose opinions shape her artistic journey. Her music is a blend of emotions, culture, and modern vibes, deeply rooted in her Palestinian heritage. Through a blend of Middle Eastern melodies, she turns her own struggles, especially the loss of her father, into themes that everyone can relate to. Each song, whether it’s about love, loss, or self-discovery, carries a genuine warmth that speaks to people across languages.

٥. Saint Levant

Courtesy of @saintlevant

Saint Levant is a musician born in Jerusalem, whose unique blend of English, Arabic, and French in his tunes is turning heads and sparking conversations. With hits like “Very Few Friends,” this rising star is making waves in the music scene. Released in November 2022, the multilingual rap hit quickly amassed two million YouTube streams within a month and went viral on TikTok and Instagram, capturing the hearts of Gen Z.

Saint Levant stands out as a game-changer, fearless and exploring his Palestinian roots through his music. He defies the mould of a typical Arabic singer, bringing a fresh and innovative approach to the industry. Listening to his music, you can feel the warmth of his childhood, and it’s evident that he fears no judgment; he follows his instincts, and it’s proving to be successful. Indeed, Saint Levant is on a mission to reshape perceptions of Palestine, using his music as a powerful bridge between cultures.

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