LPME embarks on a journey of revolutionizing the entertainment landscape

Long Play Music Entertainment (LPME) is a Dubai-based premium music and entertainment house that combines a creative atmosphere with cutting-edge technology and facilities. Changing the way music is produced and consumed in the Middle East, LPME’s hub comprises multifaceted production capabilities and state-of-the-art studio features, allowing music to transcend boundaries and unite communities worldwide.

Source: LPME

Transforming an entire layout on the 30th floor of one of Dubai’s stunning highrises, LPME has created a new space for entertainment production, harbouring world-class audio and video resources, marketing, sonic branding, records, publishing, and other subsidiaries. This distinctive space includes one main stereo recording room, ten producer rooms, and the first-of-its-kind Dolby Atmos mixing room in the Middle East, with certified 11.1.6 Dolby Atmos equipment covering more than 500 sq ft of space. Its second Dolby Atmos mixing room is a certified 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos configuration, covering more than 300 sq ft. of space.

As one of the pioneering studios in the MENA region to attain both Dolby and PMC certification, LPME offers a top-tier audio production experience. Its fully-equipped PMC and Dolby studios guarantee premium quality results. With over two decades of expertise and a world-renowned facility, it ensures that every project reaches its full potential, delivering the exceptional sound and coverage it deserves.

In keeping with its mission to build a stronger world community through music, LPME launched its flagship record label, LPME Records, in 2023. It aims to inspire, nurture, and deliver the best aspiring creatives with connectivity to the Greater Middle East region, South Asia and Africa (GMESAA) region, putting a commendable roster of talents on the global stage, whilst creating a community for the meeting of cultures and music creation. It also boasts a world-class video team skilled in various aspects of the entertainment industry, including in-house directors, producers, and talent. This division offers a wide range of services, such as 360-degree video production, shooting, film production, VFX, CGI, and animation.

Working with leading professionals in the recording industry, LPME’s foundation supports the local community through workshops and seminars, ensuring resources and knowledge are at their fingertips. It also hosts music education, therapy, mentorship programs, and artist development seminars to nurture local talent and raise music production standards in the UAE and beyond. Furthermore, through its instrument donation and repair initiative, it aims to refurbish and distribute musical instruments to aspiring musicians, ensuring that the joy of music is within reach for everyone.

LPME is set to revolutionize the music and entertainment landscape in the Middle East, offering unparalleled creative opportunities and world-class facilities. Its vision is to expand the traditional scope of a recording studio, providing a platform where everyone can achieve their musical potential.

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