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KHAMSA chats to music sensation Young Gaby

Young Gaby is a Palestinian-Syrian artist. A keen music enthusiast, Gaby started writing music at the age of 11. After recording his first record at the age of 17, he began pursuing it as something much more than a hobby.

Gaby’s breakout performance came at the Redfest DXB festival, where he opened for international stars like Camila Cabello and Macklemore. The sensational performance made him a star in the eyes of many, who were delighted to see his talent get its flowers. More success followed, with the musician gracing the stages of renowned events like Art Dubai, Vans ME, Sole DXB, Dubai Design District Unplugged, and the Abu Dhabi Edition’s Annex, leaving an indelible mark with each performance.

Image courtesy Young Gaby

Beyond his live shows, Young Gaby has also made a remarkable impact in the fashion and lifestyle industry. His artistry has been featured in numerous territorial campaigns for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Vans ME, Precious Trust, Nike, and Hype Beast. This cross-disciplinary collaboration demonstrates his ability to seamlessly blend music and fashion, making him a multifaceted creative force.

KHAMSA had the opportunity to speak to Young Gaby on a variety of topics, including his musical inclinations and his reflection of his career.

١. You started writing songs at the age of 11. What would you say was the catalyst for igniting your love for music?

I (have) always loved music. Even as a child, I used to sing along to my favourite songs. I always knew that it’s either football or music for me, and with music I just felt it, like I just knew that I’m destined for (it).

Image courtesy Young Gaby

٢. Your performance at the Redfest DXB festival is considered to be your breakout moment. Tell us about that day and how you felt after you were done.

I mean, it was surreal. It was a point where I levelled up in my career, experience wise, stage presence, etc. It was my first time ever being on such a huge stage, (so) I didn’t think much of it, as I’m going to get on stage, (and) have fun. I knew it was right when I saw random people just vibing to my music, even though they didn’t know the songs. I felt like I was on top of the world, literally, like I couldn’t be stopped. 

٣. You are an avid fashion enthusiast and have worked for names like Nike and Tommy Hilfiger. Do you switch up your approach while working with music in the fashion industry?

Music is fashion to me, everything I do in life surrounding my music, my lifestyle, comes all as a bunch, like my music speaks for the way I dress and, it’s (the same) the other way around. I have evolved throughout the years, and have gone through a lot of stages. When I started making music, it was bright, happy, and colourful, (and it’s gone to) being just black-on-black lately, and I love it.

One day, I’m going to make my fashion debut. I have so many ideas that I want to mix, my music with fashion.

٤. How would you describe the UAE’s music scene? 

Image courtesy Young Gaby

Evolution is crazy, the progress is massive. From being laughed at for trying to be an artist to landing big endorsement deals, record labels, different genres/artists emerging on the daily, it’s really looking promising, and I’m loving the progress. 

٥. As an artist, you continuously hone your craft and evolve with time. In terms of artistic ideas and expression, how different are you today from the Young Gaby who recorded his very first song?

Ah, there is no comparison. It’s like two different people, not even musically, as a person in general, the growth is insane. I have learned so much about myself, which led to my music growing with me to the person I am now. I always knew that I’d make music from what goes in my life, my surroundings, and what I go through. Most of the time, it’s not happy, but I’m appreciative for it, and those times (resulted in) the most genuine and pure music that I ever made. I’m very grateful for it. 

Image courtesy Young Gaby

٦. Do you have any message for aspiring musicians in this region?

If you truly feel like you’re made for it, start, don’t look back, and just keep pushing. Follow your heart, follow your guts. It’s not going to be easy, sweet or filled with happiness, but if that’s what you desire and are truly made for, the ending is going to be worth it. 

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