Huda Shahin is an Egyptian content creator based in Dubai who loves all things lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. As a fashion girl who knows how to take risks, Huda has recently been invited to top fashion shows in Milan and Paris, where she’s made a name for herself with her impeccable taste and approach to style.

Huda, and her infectious bubbly energy, joins KHAMSA as she gets ready for the day ahead, sharing her tips and tricks for achieving an effortlessly chic look.

Huda’s Beauty Secrets:

COCO MADEMOISELLE: Eau De Parfum & Hair Mist

N°1 DE CHANEL: Revitalizing Cream, Revitalizing Rich Cream, and Revitalizing Serum

ROUGE ALLURE VELVET: 60 Intemporelle and 64 Éternelle

Huda’s Fine Jewelry:

COCO CRUSH: Necklaces, Earrings, Ear Cuffs, and Rings

COCO Crush Toi et Moi: Rings

CHANEL WATCHES: Première Original Edition

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