Sarah Hardan

KHAMSA pays a visit to Sarah Hardan’s world.

Sarah Hardan (@sarahardan on Instagram) is a DJ, communications specialist, style maven and party planner. With an established background in marketing and communications for high profile beauty brands, Sarah left the PR world in 2020 to join her husband, Saad Naamani at The Good Narrative, a brand building, digital marketing and talent management agency. Her authentic and eclectic style captures the attention of brands and followers with her candid posts and engaging updates on her Instagram.

Sarah’s dynamic and bold personal style matches the atmosphere she creates with her in-demand DJ sets. A regular at Dubai’s Hottest parties and recently debuting in Europe and Mexico, Sarah has played alongside major acts such as Kid Francescoli, Rampa, Honey Dijon and more.

KHAMSA met with Sarah at her personal abode, which was both welcoming and unique in equal measure. She showed us Her World, which is a symbol of her easygoing groove on a personal and professional level.

Click below to discover Her World.