KHAMSA Interview: Q&A with Hessa Alajaji
KHAMSA sits down with Hessa Alajaji for a talk on all things makeup.
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Rony Gebrael
KHAMSA Interview: Q&A with Rony Gebrael
KHAMSA sat down with Rony Gebrael and got a glimpse into the mind of the designer.
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Nasser Almuhim
Creative Talks: Nasser Almulhim’s artistic spirits
KHAMSA talks to Nasser Almulhim about art.
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Dr.Hayat Sindi
From Saudi Arabia to the World: Dr. Hayat Sindi
Dr. Hayat Sindi is a woman of science and a torchbearer of humanity.
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KHAMSA Interview: Ss.hh.a.n.a, the sweetheart of the Arab Pop music scene
KHAMSA talks to singer, song-writer, and performer Ss.hh.a.n.a.
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Models Watch: Ameni Esseibi
KHAMSA features models redefining the industry.
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Nour Rizk
Models Watch: Nour Rizk
Nour Rizk is a frontrunner in her field of work.
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Harry Heal
Chef’s List: Harry Heal
KHAMSA's newest feature sees us pick chefs' brains.
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KHAMSA Originals: ‘Get to Know’ Sonia
KHAMSA chats to the artist of many labels, Sonia.
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House of Pops
House of Pops: Q&A with Mazen Kanaan
KHAMSA quizzes Mazen Kanaan about House of Pops.
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Asha Salim
Career Building: Asha Salim
KHAMSA chatted with Asha Salim, the lively writer with an eye for the creative.
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Lebanese singers
KHAMSA Edit: 5 Lebanese Singers You Should Know About
KHAMSA's favourite Lebanese singers that make us appreciate music.
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Dean Majd
Photographer Spotlight: Dean Majd
KHAMSA's Photographer Spotlight is on Dean Majd.
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Gaia Baroudi
At The Table With Gaia Baroudi
KHAMSA sits with tablescaper Gaia Baroudi 'at the table'.
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KHAMSA Originals: ‘Get to Know’ Karrouhat
KHAMSA chats to Basil Alhadi, popularly known as Karrouhat.
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Habibi Love: Unveiling Love in Arabic Poetry with Noah Mukadem
KHAMSA and Noah Mukadem pick out the romantic in Arabic poetry.
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Haifaa al-mansour
Arab Idols: Haifaa Al-Mansour
Haifaa al-Mansour, a symbol of excellence and determination.
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Shawn Chidiac
KHAMSA Originals: “Get to Know” Shawn Chidiac
Shawn Chidiac chats to KHAMSA on a variety of topics.
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Shahad Salman
Models Watch: Shahad Salman
Shahad Salman is an example of excellence.
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Chef's List
Chef’s List: Hattem Mattar
KHAMSA's newest feature sees us pick chefs' brains.
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Ahmed Emad
Career Building: Ahmed Emad
KHAMSA interviews Ahmed Emad, the museum educator at Louvre Abu Dhabi.
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The Importance of Gratitude & Positive Psychology for Women During Ramadan
How gratitude and positive psychology impact women during Ramadan.
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This is KHAMSA 5x5 - our ultimate interview feature of five.
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Arab Idols: Sherihan
Sherihan - an icon that continues to shape us.
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Amna Al Qubaisi
Road to Liwa with Amna Al Qubaisi and the Porsche 911 Dakar
Amna Al Qubaisi and the Porsche 911 Dakar set off on a desert adventure.
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Models Watch: Mona Tougaard
Mona Tougaard, a sensation in the world of modelling.
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Palestinian singers
KHAMSA Edit: 5 Palestinian Singers You Should Know
A list of Palestinian singers that will have you hitting repeat all day long!
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Junaynah El Guthmy
KHAMSA Originals: Junaynah El Guthmy
KHAMSA gets to know Junaynah El Guthmy.
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Dalia Al-Dujaili
KHAMSA talks to the storyteller, Dalia Al-Dujaili
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Badia Masabni
Badia Masabni, a symbol of her art.
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Shamsa Alabbar
KHAMSA Interview: Q&A with Shamsa Alabbar
KHAMS interviews Shamsa Alabbar, the founder of Fine Arts Jewellery.
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MENAT TikTok’s Mental Health Summit
MENAT TikTok's Youth Mental Health Summit pioneers innovative solutions and insights.
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Sarah Hardan
In Her World: Sarah Hardan
We met with Sarah Hardan "in her world"
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Chris Stamp
KHAMSA Interview: Q&A with Chris Stamp
KHAMSA interviews the multitalented Chris Stamp
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Valentine's Day
Love Unscripted: A Bold Valentine’s Day for Solo Flyers and “Situationship” Survivors
A Valentine’s Day, where self-love reigns and friendships shine As we approach the famous day of red hearts and heart-shaped chocolates, let’s veer away from the clichéd romcom script, and…
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Model Spotlight: Imaan Hammam
KHAMSA looks at models who have been pioneers of their craft.
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Winona Ryder
Fashion Spotlight The Winona Ryder and Marc Jacobs Saga 
Revisiting the legendary Winona Ryder-Marc Jacobs story.
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Young Gaby
Young Gaby: Q&A with the dynamic musician
KHAMSA sits down with Young Gaby, the exciting musician based in Dubai.
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Love 3.0: A Digital Exchange
A collection of digital love exchange across the region.
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Gulf for Good
Noble Adventure: Gulf For Good changes lives through challenges
Gulf for Good aims to help the underprivileged through adventure.
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KHAMSA Originals: “Get to Know” Parvané
KHAMSA chats to the lively and charming Parvané.
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Nadine Labaki
Arab Idols: Lebanese Sensation Nadine Labaki
Nadine Labaki, the Lebanese woman of cinema.
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KHAMSA Discover: Must-Experience Festivals to Add to Your Bucket List
The most exciting festivals to visit and be a part of.
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Samira Larouci
Career Building: Samira Larouci
KHAMSA chats to Samira Larouci about her career path and choices.
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SemSem: Q&A with Abeer Al Otaiba
KHAMSA chats with SemSem's founder, Abeer Al Otaiba.
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TikTok Creator Hub
#HerAmbitions: Second edition of TikTok Creator Hub to empower women in business
TikTok Creator Hub kicks off in style.
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At The Table with Marie Cassis
The Egyptian-Greek home cook shares memories around the table, her favorite food, and the warmth of homemade cuisine.
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The State of Mind Palestine
The State of Mind Palestine: Q&A with Nour Jarrar
KHAMSA meets Nour Jarrar, author of 'The State of Mind Palestine'.
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Bashar Belal
KHAMSA Originals: “Get to Know” Bashar Belal
Bashar's infectious and charismatic personality shines through.
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Maria ands Alexandra
Exploring the Fusion of Identity: Maria and Alexandra in the Fashion Realm
Maria and Alexandra stand out with their twinship and individuality.
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KHAMSA Originals: “Get to Know” Talia Fawaz
Talia Fawaz gets candid with KHAMSA.
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At the Table: OSLO ‘Made in Heaven’
KHAMSA chats with Yasmine & Julie Audi, the masterminds behind 'Oslo'
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KHAMSA x Travel Creators: #WhereToVisit
KHAMSA asks some travel and lifestyle creators a simple question - #WhereToVisit
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Alymamah Rashed
Creative Talks: The Essence of Soul and Spirit with Alymamah Rashed
KHAMSA talks to Alymamah Rashed on all things art.
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Lost in Translation: Abelik
Another month, another word to tackle.
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KHAMSA Originals: “Get to Know” Mohammed
KHAMSA talks to digital creator and entrepreneur Mohammed.
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Hind Rostom
Arab Idols: Hind Rostom
Hind Rostom is remembered as a cornerstone of Egyptian cinema.
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Habibi Love
Habibi Love: Love Across Borders
The latest Habibi Love story revolved around a tragic heartbreak caused by international prejudice.
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Seeing Things
Creative Talks: Monira Al Qadiri’s Artsy Visuals
KHAMSA chats with the talented visual artist, Monira Al Qadiri
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Nadine Sami
Stylish Expressions with Nadine Sami
KHAMSA interviewed Nadine Sami, a creative stylist and artist.
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Capturing the women of Afghanistan through a series of digital works.
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Nancy Ajram
Arab Idols: Nancy Ajram, The Queen of Arab Pop 
Nancy Ajram's stardom is second to none.
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KHAMSA Originals: “Get To Know” Lughass
The Dubai-based photographer gets candid on camera.
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Here’s what August looked like for our readers.
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Emirati Women’s Day: 5 Pioneering Female Athletes
A celebration of excellence.
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KHAMSA Originals: “Get To Know” Lana Al Beik
A little tour into the model's mind.
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Get To Know: Jessica Wazen
The ethereal Jessica Wazen talks motherhood, culinary school, and being a Wazen sister. 
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Arab Idols: Her Majesty Queen Rania
A global icon of intellect and grace.
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Habibi Love Column: Proprietary Love
Another short story from KHAMSA's love column.
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A glimpse into Ali Cha'aban's mind.
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KHAMSA Originals: “Get To Know” Lama Jouni
A sneak peek into the Lebanese designer's world.
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Arab Idols: Fairuz
The "grande dame" of the Middle East
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Creative Talks: Jules Bakhos
We speak to the Lebanese artist about his whimsical work.
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KHAMSA Originals: “Get To Know” Hala Abdallah
Get a sneak peak into her world.
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Models Watch: Loli Bahia
For this month's Models Watch, we are highlighting the 5 key runway moments of Arab model, Loli Bahia.
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Tatiana Fayad: “Uncovering All The Life, Mystique And Magic Fashion Carries.”
Founder, Designer and Curator Tatiana Fayad Mouracade gives a tell-all on "experimental craftmanship" and "lifelong fashion choices".
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Arab Creatives in Mainstream Media: Where Are They?
French-Algerian singer Elias reflects on the lack of representation in the dominant cultural landscape.
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KHAMSA ORIGINALS: This or That with Huda Shahin
Huda, and her infectious bubbly energy, joins KHAMSA's This or That interviews.
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Habibi Love Column: Lingering Love
The first short story from KHAMSA's new Love column
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Elie Khouri Talks Art, Interiors, and Bringing Cassina to Dubai
Discussing with Elie Khouri about the vision behind bringing Cassina to Dubai and the importance of Design.
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Vishal Madhusoodhanan talks SWEY, Karak Nights, & Community Brands in Dubai
KHAMSA chats with the mind behind the homegrown sunglasses brand.
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ICONICS: Dame Zaha Hadid
“As a woman in architecture, you’re always an outsider, but it’s okay, I like being on the edge!”A look back at the fierce Zaha Hadid and her boundary breaking designs.…
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How to help the people affected by the earthquake in Syria, Turkey, and neighbouring areas
A list of trusted charities that you can donate to.
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TWO EYES OPEN: Digitent Presents Middle East Archive’s “AN ARCHIVE OF LOVE”
Watch out for Digitent and Middle East Archive's Joint Exhibition of "An Archive Of Love" this Cairo Photo Week!
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Models Watch: Nora Attal
For this month's Models Watch, we are highlighting the 5 key runway moments of Arab model, Nora Attal.
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Arab Idols: Sabah
Sabbouha, the beloved Arab diva renowned for her unmistakably powerful voice.
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Models Watch: Amira Al Zuhair
For this month's Models Watch, we are highlighting the 5 key runway moments of Arab model, Amira Al Zuhair.
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“The Crown”: Delving into the portrayal of Mohamed Al-Fayed
What the Egyptian mogul’s fictional portrayal tells us about identity, ambition, and panache.
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Amina in front of a work by James Turrell in Mexico City
Beyond the status quo: Amina Debbiche wants more for Art in the digital world
Digital Space, Cultural Heritage, Dreams, and much more, we met with Amina Debbiche and explored her world.
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Who is Sofiane El Bekri? The man behind “Two Arab Minds”.
Sofiane El Bekri opens up about his journey, ideals, and vision for the future.
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Joy Herro connects the dots between Sustainable Design & Luxury
Design process, Sustainability, Luxury, and the beautiful world of craftsmanship.
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