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On February 6, a deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Syria and Turkey, killing more than 9,500 and injuring more than 38,000. Approximately 20 aftershocks followed the quake, including a 7.5-magnitude earthquake that hit southeastern Turkey. The effects were felt in Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine as well. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called the quake the worst disaster in nearly a century.

There has been widespread destruction across Turkish provinces where many Syrian refugees live, as well as rebel-held northwest Syria, one of the worst-hit areas with limited infrastructure and health care services. According to the United Nations, the humanitarian situation in Syria makes a recovery even more difficult.

“Sadly, needs are rising rapidly in Syria, and not everyone who requires assistance is visible. Over 75% of all sub-districts in the country are classified as being under severe, extreme, or catastrophic conditions,”

said United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator ad interim for Syria, El- Mostafa Benlamlih, in a statement a day before the earthquake.

“We must act quickly to ensure more communities do not slide into an inescapable loop of deprivation and negative coping mechanisms.”

Sanctions have limited the flow of money and goods into the country, preventing aid organizations from delivering the necessary resources, resulting in a slow response to the humanitarian crisis. Communities nearby are working to raise awareness and establish networks to provide resources, such as food, medical supplies, and more.

If you would like to help, please consider donating and working with the following organizations and projects:

Syrian NGO MolhamTeam is running a donations campaign to support those affected in Northern Syria.

Click here to donate.

Istanbul-based brand, Les Benjamins compiled a list of resources that you can donate to to help Turkey.

Click here to quickly access all of them.

Beirut-based brand, Emergency Room is gathering resources and donations in Tripoli to dispatch to Syria.

Details below.

Digital Creator Judy Karim is collaborating with The Sahim Initiative to collect winter clothes, shoes, and blankets to send to Syria.

Details below.

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