Chris Stamp

KHAMSA talks to Chris Stamp about the “Sushi Club” launch in Dubai.

Chris Stamp is an acclaimed LA-based artist and designer with over a decade of experience. With a versatile and dynamic approach to his craft, he has worked on many creative projects throughout his career, excelling and making a name for himself.

Chris Stamp’s most recent collaboration was with legendary chef Nobu Matsuhisa for the creation of Dubai Sushi Club. The creative duo is set to launch a limited-edition six-piece capsule collection at Nobu Dubai, commemorating its one-year anniversary within the crown of Atlantis The Palm. The capsule collection, featuring Sushi Club’s signature desert brown colourway, includes iconic pieces such as a varsity jacket, logo hoodie, t-shirt, and a collectible hat. Notably, Dubai will boast four exclusive hat styles, emphasizing the unique collaboration between design and culinary excellence.

KHAMSA had the chance to chat with Chris Stamp and quiz him on his artistic collaboration with Nobu Matsuhisa.

١. Could you tell us a bit more about your background and how you started the ‘Sushi Club’?

I’ve been a multidisciplinary artist and designer for the past 10 + years, working on a multitude of creative collaborative project, along with our main line brand ‘Stampd’. The idea came for Sushi Club around the cult like following that Nobu Matsuhisa garnered in Beverly Hills around his first location, Matsuhisa on La Cienega. When Nobu presented the idea to do something together, one of the first graphics that I designed was the “Beverly Hills Sushi Club” logo.

That initial artwork set the stage for what Matsuhisa means to Los Angeles, as well as what Nobu Matsuhisa means to the world. Sushi Club has been a natural and organic progression from then.

Source: Sushi Club Dubai

٢. Could you tell us the story of how you first connected with Nobu?

I was introduced to Nobu through an artist friend of mine in Los Angeles. I had been eating at Matushisa and Nobu Malibu for years and of course was familiar with Nobu’s work. Through my friend Juan, the connection began, and after a few years, Nobu and I formed a friendship, just based on like-mindedness within the arts, food, and fashion.

From there, we thought to work on something together between ‘Stampd’ and Matsuhisa (both of our first brands). Through that, Beverly Hills Sushi Club was born, and within a few years, Sushi Club as a brand began.

٣. What has it been like collaborating on such an exciting project with a legendary figure like him?

Nobu is someone I look up to on multiple levels and has become somewhat of a mentor to me. It’s been nothing short of an honour, to work together, and it feels like this project is just getting started.

Bonded through their mutual love for sushi, the arts, travel and fashion, Chris Stamp and Nobu Matsuhisa look to create an inclusive world catered towards like-minded individuals who wish to further immerse themselves in the lifestyle of culinary art. For more information, visit here.

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