Shahad Salman

KHAMSA features popular models who have redefined the industry

In a world often dictated by narrow beauty standards, Shahad Salman emerges as a beacon of individuality, challenging societal norms with every step she takes on the runway. Hailing from Mecca, her journey to the fashion industry’s summit was marked by resilience, self-assurance, and an unyielding commitment to authenticity.

Shahad, at the young age of 27, is not just a model, but also a source of inspiration for change. She is a living example of the power of embracing one’s uniqueness in an industry that has traditionally valued conformity. Shahad Salman has vitiligo, a condition that causes patches of skin to lose pigment. Despite the pressure of an industry that is fixated on flawless aesthetics, Salman has chosen to celebrate her distinctive skin pattern. She has transformed what some may perceive as a flaw into a canvas of beauty and empowerment.

In the world of fashion, representation has been lacking for a long time. However, Shahad Salman’s presence is revolutionary. She is often referred to as the “Saudi Winnie Harlow,” and stands at the forefront of a movement towards inclusivity where diversity is not only acknowledged but celebrated. With each runway appearance and editorial cover, Salman shatters misconceptions about beauty and identity, proving that true elegance goes beyond conventional standards.

Source: Destination KSA

But Salman’s impact extends beyond the realm of fashion. As a proud Saudi Arabian woman, she confronts stereotypes head-on, challenging perceptions of beauty, culture, and identity. She advocates for the freedom to embrace one’s heritage while pursuing one’s dreams, rejecting predetermined roles and expectations.

Central to Salman’s journey is the support of her family, who instilled in her the belief that her uniqueness is her greatest strength. In a world that often seeks to mould individuals into predefined notions, Salman’s family provided her with the foundation of self-assurance and resilience necessary to navigate the complexities of the fashion industry.

For Salman, success is not measured in accolades or runway appearances, but in the ability to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness unapologetically. Through advocacy for diversity and inclusivity, she paves the way for future generations to redefine beauty on their own terms, challenge stereotypes, and carve out their paths with confidence and conviction.

In the fashion industry, Shahad Salman stands out with her colourful style, representing diversity, resilience, and self-confidence. With every step she takes, she reminds us that true beauty lies not in conformity, but in the courage to be authentically oneself. Shahad Salman is not just a model; she is a visionary, reshaping perceptions and redefining beauty for future generations.

Leen is a writer, designer and creative director, holding a fashion design degree from ESMOD. She is currently pursuing an MBA in fashion management, specializing in luxury, in Paris. Living in various Western and Eastern locales, Leen writes on fashion, culture, and lifestyle at KHAMSA as she interns in the editorial department.