*Banner image is by Thanaaz Hisham.

Continuing our monthly series, we invite our readers to share a photo that depicts their month – a glimpse into their world as they document their daily joys.

To be considered, please send your name, location, Instagram handle, and a sentence or two about the image to editors@khamsa5.com. We look forward to reviewing your submissions and potentially featuring them in our monthly series.

Here’s what August looked like for our readers.

Dima Khatib. South of France.

“The Banat at our best friend’s wedding.”


Nour Regaya. Kelibia, Tunisia.

“Watching the sunset from our summer house’s rooftop and reflecting on the month I spent in Tunisia.”


Najla Said, North of Portugal.

“Surreal to be warmly guided through the mystical landscapes of Northern Portugal, by my partner in his hometown as well as his dog, curiously and committedly exploring every new territory.”


Budreya Faisal

“At the end of Banaat FC’s first-ever training with Emirati Club, which makes me so happy to be finally doing something for female football.”


Thanaaz Hisham. Kochin, India.

“Summer in India is not without a coconut in your hands as you stroll down the Corniche, watching people surf and children running around barefoot. We had a surprise this particular day, with a Chendla Meyam performance by a local troupe parading the beach.”